Criminal Minds Mystery Solved: Reid's Girlfriend Is Revealed -- Did the Casting Surprise You?

CriminalMindsRiesgrafCBS’ Criminal Minds this week not only served up (non-faint praise alert!) one of its most disturbing UnSub MOs ever, it also (segue alert!) raised the curtain on who has been playing BAU agent Spencer Reid’s mystery girlfriend.

And the answer, as guessed by some fans with very good ears, is…. Beth Riesgraf aka Leverage‘s Parker, in a dark wig.

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Riesgraf’s character revealed her face to us for the first time at the close of this Wednesday’s episode, when Spencer (played by Matthew Gray Gubler, who also directed the episode) — fearing that his girlfriend’s stalker was in their midst — abruptly called off their first in-person meeting.

Spencer’s hunch was quickly proven wrong, but Mystery Girlfriend had already skedaddled, leaving behind a copy of the same book he planned to gift her with: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Narrative of John Smith.

Riesgraf’s uncredited work on Criminal Minds has been kept under wraps, with the only hint being her voice and something Gubler shared in a interview — that he called upon a “very dear old friend” to fill the role.

But again, how about the UnSub’s super-unsettling handiwork with the human marionettes? And the reveal about his accomplice?! Eek.

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