Brittany Snow Talks Romantic Ben and Kate Arc, Plus: Get an Exclusive First Look at Her Debut!

BrittanySnowBENANDKATEThe Ben and Kate forecast calls for Brittany Snow this Tuesday (Fox, 8:30/7:30c), and we’ve got your exclusive first look at the American Dreams alumna’s debut.

TVLine also caught up with Snow, who dished about playing Tommy’s new love and what it’s been like making her way in the sitcom world.

Snow’s character Lila meets her new beau Echo Kellum‘s Tommy “when Lila is walking her dog, and they just instantly like each other. She’s really, really attracted to Tommy from the very beginning,” Snow says, “and they have this romance where they just can’t keep their hands off each other and love each other so much.”

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Of course, this is Ben and Kate, so there’s got to be some kooky catch when it comes to Tommy’s new ladylove. “[Their romance] is chemical,” she laughs. “And sometimes those chemical romances are not the best kind and lead to some trouble.”

Up until that point, however, everything is hunky-dory — even Ben is on board with his best pal’s gal. Teases Snow, “He actually likes Lila at first because he wants Tommy to be happy. Tommy has been after Kate for years, so they’re all just excited to have a girl in this world that is not Kate.”

Crediting the “really great energy” on the Ben and Kate set, Snow says her transition into the sitcom realm couldn’t have been smoother. “The atmosphere on that show is just amazing,” she gushes. “It’s very based on improv and everyone’s just riffing off of each other… It’s really this organic energy there because everyone trusts each other’s comedy.”

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Press PLAY on the first video below to watch Lila and Tommy’s meet-ridiculously-cute, then scroll down further for a funny behind-the-scenes clip of the cast discussing their childhood nicknames. When you’re done, hit the comments with your thoughts on Snow’s latest role.

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