Parks and Rec First Look: Christie Brinkley Makes Pawnee Prettier, Tammy 2 Wreaks Havoc Again!

Jerry’s better-looking half Gayle soon will pop up on Parks and Recreation in the form of supermodel Christie Brinkley, and we have your first look at the doting wife’s Pawnee stint.

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The NBC comedy’s Dec. 6 installment finds the Parks gang peeved that office punching bag Jerry has neglected to invite them to a holiday party as his home. Meanwhile in the same installment, Megan Mullally‘s dastardly Tammy 2 is back to cause trouble for Ron and his new gal Diane (Lucy Lawless) at a ceremony honoring the manly man’s woodworking skills.

Click through the shots below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts on both guest stars.