The Walking Dead Recap: The Winds of War

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 7Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead is titled “When the Dead Come Knocking.” However, the hour doesn’t feature zombies knocking, ringing doorbells or cheerfully announcing that Avon is calling. So what’s the meaning of this? Read on and find out!

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION | We open with Merle torturing Glenn in hopes of learning where the rest of his group is holed up. It doesn’t work. In fact, our hero responds to the redneck version of the Jack Bauer treatment by head-butting his captor! In response, Merle sicks a walker on him! This doesn’t work, either. Though Glenn is duct-taped to a chair, he still manages to take down his undead attacker. (So badass!) Unfortunately, at that point, the Governor decides to take matters into his own hands by forcing Maggie to remove her top and implying that he’s about to rape her. (Perv that he is, it’s a wholly believable threat!) When she doesn’t crack, he instead holds a gun to Glenn’s head. Then, at last, she finally blabs that the rest of their crew is living down the block at the prison.

JAIL TIME | Speaking of the prison, back there, Michonne and Rick are busy eyeing one another warily when the walkers finally figure out that she isn’t one of them. Since she’s weak from her gunshot wound — so weak that she collapses! — she’s looking like dead meat until Carl opens fire on the zombies. Inside the prison, everybody’s poor people skills result in lots of sword-grabbing and crossbow-pointing. But, in the end, it’s established that Glenn and Maggie have been abducted to Woodbury. (Michonne clearly knows that this is Andrea’s old group, right? Yet she doesn’t disclose that Andrea is in Woodbury. Nor does she mention that her assailant — and Glenn and Maggie’s kidnapper — is Merle.) In no time, a posse is rounded up to go after the young lovers.

TODAY THE ROLE OF IGOR WILL BE PLAYED BY… | When not boinking the Governor (eww!), Andrea busies herself helping Milton with an experiment: They are going to wait for nice old Mr. Coleman to die, the scientist explains, then ask his zombified self the same questions that they do his pre-zombified self to see how much of his memory remains. There won’t be any memory at all, Andrea says. But Milton, having never seen anyone transformed into a walker, is sure she’s wrong. She isn’t wrong, a point driven home when she has to re-kill Mr. Coleman just as he’s lunging for Milton’s throat.

BARBARIANS AT THE GATE | While heading for Woodbury, Rick, Michonne and Co. are forced to hide out from a pack of walkers in a shack. But surprise! The shack isn’t deserted: A crazy mountain man lives there! Mind you, he doesn’t live there for much longer, because when he freaks out over his unexpected houseguests, Michonne kills him, and Rick feeds him to the zombies so they can be on their way! At the end of the hour, Glenn and Maggie’s rescuers have made their way to the perimeter of Woodbury. And, since Merle told the Governor that Michonne had been killed, she is presumably “the dead” that has “come knocking.” (At least that’s my theory.) Anyway, the stage is now set for not only war but for some of the most awkward reunions in television history! (Michonne: “Andrea, your new boyfriend sent assassins after me! And inept ones, at that!” Daryl: “Merle, you kidnapped my friends! Not cool, bro! Not cool!”)

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Looking forward to the battle that is obviously brewing? How sweet was it, seeing Michonne realize that Andrea’s old group is made up of decent people? What did you think of Carl’s decision to name little Ass-Kicker after his third-grade teacher, Judith? Hit the comments with your, um, comments.