Once Upon a Time Videos: Emma Faces the 'Impossible,' Hook Dares Cora to [Spoiler] Him

When ABC’s Once Upon a Time resumes its sophomore run this Sunday at 8/7c, Emma and Snow wonder if Aurora’s nightmare is in fact a dream come true, while Cora procures an interesting bartering chip in her quest for the enchanted compass — and we’ve got a trio of video sneak peeks.

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In the first clip below, Aurora tells all — or at least the little she knows — about meeting Emma’s son Henry in the red, flame-filled room that hosts her post-sleeping spell nightmares. When Snow elaborates on her own “visits” to the frightening chamber, Aurora gives her some not-so-princessy lip about being a “liar.”

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Next up, Hook finds his way back down the beanstalk — only to discover evil Cora waiting for him. Is Regina’s mother still interested in having the pirate give her a hand in pinching the compass?

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Lastly, some sort of wicked twist takes place, as Cora gains possession of valuable trade bait — but will Emma and Snow in fact take it?

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