Revolution Recap: Did an Unreal Moment Reveal a Stark Reality? Plus: Rachel Gets Stabby

This week on Revolution, Zeppelin was in the air as Miles & Co. went underground to secure Danny’s Philadelphia freedom. Rachel, meanwhile, got caught in an explosive situation.

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Having deduced that Danny is being held prisoner in the City of Brotherly Love — but being small in ranks — Miles strikes a deal with rebel pack’s leader (Reed Diamond) to join in their crusade, in trade for having Monroe’s head served on a platter. The only safe passage into Philly, however, is through a train tunnel, and not long into their trek Charlie steps foot on a mine. As Charlie holds still, relating memories of one of Danny Williams’ New Jersey cases, Nora is able to briefly defuse the situation just long enough for her, Charlie and Miles to get away. The trap does then detonate, collapsing one end of the tunnel. As a result of the cave-in, we are Led to believe, the oxygen (thanks, torches!) grows so thin so quickly that everyone’s brains start playing tricks on them. Charlie, for example, imagines she’s back with her dad pre-Neville; Aaron sees a Gillette Mach-3 his wife at his side; and in keeping with the theme of beloved VIPs, Miles has a dreamy date with… Monroe?

As Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” scores the unreal reunion, the suggestion is made that were Monroe to invite his old friend/onetime ally back into the fold, to be at his side again in leading the militia, Miles would jump at the chance. Do you think Uncle Miles really would? If so, why?

After running into one brick wall (no, really) in their quest to find an exit and thus abdundant air, the group ultimately discovers an egress. But just as they bust through it, “rebel” leader reveals himself as a turncoat/deep cover member of the militia more than thrilled to deliver Miles to the general. After the goon guns down every single red shirt in the party and begins to spirit Miles away into the Philadelphia wind, Charlie thwip!s a lethal arrow into the guy, thus clearing their path to whatever/whomever awaits them as they set foot in Philly.

Elsewhere, Rachel gives Neville and one of Monroe’s other top guys a walk-through of how the pendants work — powering up anything within a 10-foot radius — and thus illustrates their shortcomings for military/field use. Ergo, she is busy constructing an “amplifier” that will turn the pendants up to 11, affording a half-mile range. How soon can Neville expect to begin “murder[ing] thousands of people?” as Rachel puts it. “Soon,” she reports.

If, that is, she actually were buidling an “amplifier.” But she is not, and the distrustful Neville suspects as much. As such, he advises Monroe to have Rachel’s former colleague — the smart yet utterly stoopid Brad — to inspect her work. “It’s a bomb,” he tattles. (We pause for a moment to appreciate the irony of Elizabeth Mitchell tinkering with a bomb again. Where’s a heavy rock when you need one? We’ll go dutch! What?)

With her deliciously duplicitous plan exposed, and Brad handy to take over work on the amplifier, Rachel is deemed no longer necessary and is about to be brought to slaughter when she grabs a sharp thingamajig and lunges at Brad, stabbing him to death. “Now you need me,” she snarks to Monroe. Touché.

What did you think of the episode “Kashmir”? Did you appreciate the Led Zeppelin cues? Did you cheer Rachel’s gutsy move? When can Aaron shave? And are you ready for next week’s midseason finale