Covert Affairs Season Finale Recaplet: Annie Gets Two Offers She Can't Refuse

If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s season finale of Covert Affairs, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Covert Affairs wrapped up its third season on Tuesday night with two big cliffhangers.

First, Henry Wilcox presents Annie with a case folder in the same diner where his son Jai met with the CIA spy gal right before getting blown up in the season opener. She tells him she won’t do anything that goes against Joan and Arthur. But after taking a look at the contents of the file, she asks if everything in there is true. It is, and she’s in. What could the mysterious assignment be, and why is it important enough for Walker to risk working with Daddy Wilcox?

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But let’s talk about the big development you’re really here to discuss: the kiss! After bringing up that not-so-little talk they needed to have almost all season, Auggie asks Annie if she’d like to get a drink when they return home from their trip. Annie’s up for a beer at their local haunt, but Auggie has something nicer in mind… for Friday… around 8 pm. That sounds suspiciously like a date to both us and Annie, who agrees, her breath hitching and a curious, happy smile spreading across her face (unbeknownst to Auggie).

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Auggie then decides he can’t wait until Friday. He comes over to Annie’s place and announces that there’s nothing certain about the lives they live. Translation: There’s no time to waste.

“Timing’s everything, Annie. I wanted to talk now,” he explains.

But there’s no chit chat as he grazes her arm before cupping her cheek and kissing her firmly. Annie is more than happy to reciprocate. But she’s still wearing the key necklace, a reminder of her feelings for Simon, and there’s always her and Eyal’s constant, simmering flirtation, so you have to wonder if Annie’s heart will be more conflicted when the new season picks up. Or do you think she’s ready to dive into a relationship with Auggie, who’s always, always been there for her?

Covert Affairs fan, hit the comments with your thoughts on the long-awaited smooch. Are you ready for an Annie and Auggie romance? And what do you think was in that file folder?