Scott Speedman Previews Last Resort's Nuclear Neutering, an Unlikely Ally and the Sophie Sitch

Last Resort, Scott SpeedmanAnd just like that, the Colorado is a 20,000-ton sitting duck.

When last we tuned into ABC’s Last Resort (Thursdays at 8/7c), an otherwise hallucination-filled hour ended with an all-too-real jaw-dropper – that someone had pinched Captain Chaplin’s launch key during his “Buzz”-y stupor. The rogue crew has thus lost its big stick to ward off would-be attackers. Scott Speedman, who plays XO Sam Kendall, previews how the search for the missing key could turn up an unlikely ally, as well as weighs in on the “complicated” situation with Christine and Sophie.

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TVLINE | Where would you rank the missing launch key among the show’s crises to date?
It’s a big one. I mean, if we don’t have that launch key, we’re kind of screwed. We’re completely defenseless without that key, and if the people back home find that we don’t have it, we have no negotiating power. They would just come and take us.

TVLINE | Who is your first suspect in the theft?
If you saw Episode 5, my thrust was dealing with this character Booth, who is some sort of black ops CIA operative with tricky motives. He was in charge of the dosing of the crew with hallucinogens, so he would be suspect No 1. But if he doesn’t have it, then one would think he knows who does. So Marcus and I start off dealing with him, and then Booth and I sort of develop an “interesting” relationship — let’s just say that.

TVLINE | Talk more about Booth, because last week that guy seemed sketchy as hell.
That’s a function of that episode, but there are more colors to the character than just being a moustache-twisting bad guy. And a lot of that has to do with Gideon Emery, the actor we hired who brings a lot to the role. There are more dimensions to that character than immediately meet the eye. He’s not just there to destroy us. Other things are at play.

TVLINE | I think that part of what makes this show work is that almost every character is some shade of grey. People have agendas, and you don’t know whether to trust them or if you even know who they really are.
That’s when I like our show the most, when we don’t have squeaky-clean characters all working towards one cause. Everybody’s got their own motives.

TVLINE | Is the missing launch key a long-arc story, or is it resolved pretty quickly?
It’s a longer-arcing thing – and an interesting one, for sure.

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TVLINE | Turning to the Christine story, will Sam ever properly process that paparazzi photo of his wife with his best friend Paul?
Yeah, that comes back and it’s a tricky moment. The audience knows more than Sam does, so from his perspective it’s just a photo of them leaving a house. And there’s no way to get a hold of Christine, so at this point it’s not so much a huge alarm in Sam’s mind. Things will come to light, however, as we go along.

TVLINE | Meanwhile, when Sophie reviewed the video of her and Sam’s drug-induced kiss, she had an almost melancholy look in her eyes.
Obviously there is something there, and I’m always interested in the complicated version of my character — and it is complicated, him being married and all of that. But yeah, that becomes much more of a storyline. The Sam-and-Sophie story has done a very good job of staying away from soap opera. They’re not just jumping in the sack and doing stupid stuff; there’s a real relationship building there.

TVLINE | Let’s hope that video of the kiss never finds its way to D.C.
Yeah. [Laughs] Let’s hope that stays on the island!

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