Sneak Peek: Castle & Co. Amusingly Rock the 'Mockumentary' Format

Castle‘s Rick, Lanie, Esposito and Ryan mug for the cameras this Monday when a documentary crew tails the 12th precinct crew as they investigate the death of a rock star. Beckett’s reactions to it all, meanwhile, are equally entertaining — and we’ve got a trio of sneak peeks.

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In the first clip below, Castle puts on quite the performance as he helps Beckett’s team boil down the murder at hand, all leading up to what he apparently thinks is quite the turn of words. (Bonus points if you catch the Spinal Tap nod.)

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In the second video, Lanie summons Rick and Kate to deliver news that she could just as easily shared over the phone. But you’ll quickly see why she wanted the camera crew to tag along.

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And last but not least, Ryan and Esposito share with the documentarians their respective takes on what they each bring to their partnership — including one impressive set of guns.

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Dare I say, this Office-like outing could be as fun as the sci-fi riff, if not more.

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