Burn Notice's Jeffrey Donovan: One of Michael's Worst Decisions Ever Will Tee Up Season 7

Jeffrey Donovan, Burn Notice Season 6If Burn Notice‘s Michael Westen (played by Jeffrey Donovan) can extricate himself from his latest dicey dilemma, certain members of his team may come to wish he hadn’t.

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The USA Network series unspools the final eight episodes of Season 6 starting this Thursday at 9/8c, with a double-header. When last we tuned in, Michael — stranded in Panama with Sam, Fi, Jesse and sketchy sniper Tyler Gray (played by Kenny Johnson) — had just gleaned that his CIA mentor, Tom Card (John C. McGinley), had set him up to die, and nearly succeeded in that endeavor.

Coming out of that, “You’ll see a more hell-bent Michael,” Donovan previews. “The relationship that Michael has with Gray and Card is going to turn Michael down a path that leads even Sam to question Michael’s integrity. And I think that’s what the fans are going to really be interested in: How dark will Michael go?”

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Donovan as of Tuesday had no official news to share on Burn Notice being picked up for the aforementioned Season 7 — though he did dismiss speculation that Miami was making it problematic for the show to stay put in the Florida city. (“Miami actually has been great,” he maintained.) But if the spy drama is renewed, he suspects it will be “our final season.” (UPDATE: On Wednesday evening, USA Network renewed Burn Notice for a 13-episode Season 7.)

And what a doozy the next season portends to be, so cross your fingers.

“In the [Season 6] finale, which I think the audience is going to be shocked by, Michael makes a decision that affects not only his friends but mostly Fiona,” Donovan teases. “I think the audience is going to be excited to see where Michael will go once he has made probably one of the worst decisions he’s ever made.” On a related note — or not — the actor also promises “a huge betrayal.”

And the repercussions of all the above won’t only be felt by his official partners in espionage.

The questionable choice Michael makes, “I don’t think that [Michael’s mother] Madeline will be able to justify,” Donovan warns. Poor Ma.

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Do you think Burn Notice‘s seventh season should be the last one? And what horrible decision do you think Michael makes in the Season 6 finale?