Revolution Reveal: One Powerful Mystery Solved?

Revolution Elizabeth MitchellMonday night’s Revolution shed light on one of the series’ biggest mysteries as Monroe tried to extract intel on the location of the pendants. While Rachel has already revealed that the key to turning the power back on lies in the clunky jewelry, her flashbacks this week exposed how everything could have possibly turned off.

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Way before the blackout, when Rachel was pregnant with a baby boy, she and Ben, with their coworker Grace, were trying to come up with a low-cost, clean power source. Instead, they inadvertently created a device that could shut down everything. One member of the Department of Defense — or was he lying about who he was? — was very interested in getting his hands on the tech. It would be a big coup for their start-up company, but Rachel was reluctant. However, the idea of the DOD using the device as a weapon didn’t faze Ben.

Rachel’s position looked like it was changing when the mysterious man pretty much offered her a spot in a medical trial (her pregnancy got dangerously complicated) in exchange for a DOD contract. Given that Rachel and her baby survived and the world went black, can we assume she took the deal? Is the DOD responsible for what happened, or do you think somebody else got their hands on the technology?

Meanwhile, in the present, said DOD drone is revealed to be Randall, the man who confronted Grace several episodes ago and is now keeping her locked up. Has he changed his mind and wants to turn the lights back on? Or does he want to destroy Grace’s pendant and any chance of restoring  the power?

On an unrelated note: Wasn’t Aaron hilarious with the island of misfit children “hairless Ewoks,” led by the always terrific Colin Ford (Supernatural‘s young Sammy)? And who else wishes Ford, who’s had one heck of a growth spurt, was a series regular? Come to think of it, he would have made a great Danny.

Revolution fans, did this week’s episode provide enough of an answer for now? And are you surprised that Ben and Rachel are responsible, in part, for what’s happened to the world?