Elementary Exclusive: Look Who's Playing Joan Watson's Mom! -- Will She Approve of Sherlock?

Freda Foh ShenFreda Foh Shen (Everwood, Close to Home) will pay a visit to CBS’ Elementary as Joan Watson’s mother, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Mary Watson appears in Episode 9, slated to air Dec. 13, and she’s not very happy about her daughter’s choice of profession. As established in the pilot, Lucy Liu‘s Joan “doesn’t feel a tremendous amount of support from [her parents] when it comes to her second career as a sober companion,” explains executive producer Rob Doherty.

But another, unexpected dynamic may prove even more interesting.

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“Mom will meet Sherlock,” confirms the EP. “Given what we know about mom — or heard about mom — and given what we know for sure about Sherlock, you can see it going a certain way. I feel like we’re going to tell a story with a few lovely, little surprises.”

Shen’s TV credits also include The Defenders, JAG and Gideon’s Crossing.

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