Dancing With the Stars Week 5 Poll: Which Couple Is Most Likely to Mirrorball?

So much for progress! Just two weeks after a deliciously dramatic double-elimination, Week 5 of Dancing With The Stars’ All Star-themed 15th season pulled a complete U-Turn by sending no one home. (Yep, we can thank the final presidential debate for cutting an hour out of Monday night’s usual two-hour performance telecast.)

In addition, Tuesday’s festivities weren’t even live, but taped 24 hours earlier, alongside Monday’s performances. (Sacrilege!) Order will thankfully be restored next Tuesday with the spectacle of another sad, stunned star bidding a gracious adieu to his or her Mirrorball dreams.

In the meantime, let’s seize this results-free, mid-season occasion to pause, take a breath and review who’s rising and/or falling, who’s a lock to reach the finale, and who’s almost certain to skid to the sidelines.

The Sure Things: With nary a misstep all season, golden girl Shawn Johnson (despite Len and Carrie Ann’s cranky reactions to this week’s Titanic-inspired rumba), Gilles “Let the baby making begin!” Marini, and swaggering Emmitt Smith seem poised to hog all the glory and steal the spotlight in the All Stars season finale. If any one of em’ is poised for a shock boot, it could come at the hands of…

The Mid-Pack Players: They’ve had occasionally spectacular moments, so Sabrina Bryan, Apolo Anton Ohno, and Melissa Rycroft could easily spring a season-ending surprise. But is anyone really betting on it?

Teetering On The Brink: Virtually from Week 1, her fleet-footed All-Star rivals have made Kirstie Alley look wobblier than a pair of strapless stilettos, but will her self-described edge as an actress and entertainer eventually pay unexpected dividends? After outscoring multi-tasking (and thus, tired, distracted, and at-risk?) General Hospital star Kelly Monaco this week, it seems that anything — a quick elimination, calamitous wardrobe malfunction or even another berth in the finals seem within Kirstie’s realm of possibility.

Now it’s your turn. Which star do you think has to most Mirrorball momentum at this point in the show? Which star is on his/her way out, maybe as soon as next week? Can Carrie Ann actually stay upright in her chair next week? Sound off in the comments! —Mitch Rustad