Criminal Minds Sneak Peek: Reid Has a Mystery Woman -- and She Has Seen His [Spoiler]

Color us sufficiently intrigued.

This Wednesday on CBS’ Criminal Minds, Reid breaks away to make a phone call — not from the office, not from a land line and not from his cell, but from a (working!) pay phone — and the woman who answers is quite familiar to him… if nobody else (viewers included).

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This clip from the phone call scene sheds few clues, though there are some — namely about how long the two have been in touch, a hint at what brought them together in the first place and a nod to the lady’s own skills of observation. It is also revealed that Mystery Woman (who may or may not be played by guest star Heleya de Barros aka “ER Doctor”) has been intimate with Reid in a (ahem) very particular way.

When TVLine asked Matthew Gray Gubler about this storyline pre-season, all he would say is, “It’s very intriguing. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s a uniquely done story of love, I might say. Or maybe not.” He did confirm that Reid’s mystery woman is “someone new,” adding: “I think it’s going to be very well done. It arcs over a few episodes, and…. It’s interesting.”

Press PLAY here to check out the new girl for yourself: