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Happy Endings Preview: Penny Finds Love, Dave and Alex Get Serious and Max Is Miseryable

Happy Endings ELISHA CUTHBERT, ZACHARY KNIGHTONHappy Endings is back for Season 3 this Tuesday (ABC, 9/8c), and while the show is still as hilarious as ever, change is in the air. Among the major developments: Alex and Dave are getting serious about their relationship (again), Penny is finally breaking out of her spinster rut, and Brad and Jane are swapping roles.

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REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO…? | After an impromptu hook-up last season, Dave and Alex are going full steam ahead. “They start the season trying to have a causal relationship, and that goes horribly wrong,” previews executive producer David Caspe. “It escalates from there.” Things move so quickly between the formerly engaged couple that they’re soon apartment hunting. But rather than cementing their reunion, cohabitation may prove to be their undoing. As they go from one seemingly perfect dwelling to the next with their real estate agent (guest star Rachael Harris), “You get to see all reasons why they don’t like all these apartments,” explains Elisha Cuthbert. Factor in that “it takes Dave about six months to move into the apartment,” according to Zachary Knighton, and you’ve got a recipe for a break-up, right? “So far, we have not written an episode where it’s over [between Dave and Alex],” confirms Caspe, “so we don’t know when it’s going to end.”

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PENNY FINDS LOVE | Dave and Alex’s reunion makes things a little awkward for Penny, who’s still got “feelings swirling” for Dave, shares Casey Wilson. But Dave remains in the dark about the crush. “I think Dave’s the only one who’s clueless in this little triangle that’s happening,” admits Knighton. “Penny and Alex are aware of [what’s going on], but Dave isn’t quite there yet.” While the gals “have a little thing” over the complicated love triangle, it may all be a moot point when Nick Zano arrives as a love interest for the perpetual single gal. “They meet in an episode where Penny’s forced to wear a prescription helmet,” previews Caspe. “She’s taken so many hits to the heads that her doctor is prescribing her to wear a helmet for a month until her concussion heals.” Adds Wilson: “He knows she’s crazy, but he says that’s what he likes about her. So she’s very lucky.”

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Happy Endings ADAM PALLY, CASEY WILSONWORST NURSE EVER | Penny’s aforementioned head crisis is triggered in the season opener when she takes a spill and ends up “in a full body cast, and Max is Misery-ing her,” describes Wilson. What is “Misery-ing”? Adam Pally, take it away: “If you’ve seen the movie Misery or read the book, picture me in the Kathy Bates role and Casey in the James Caan role and multiple that by 15, add in a little gay sex and you’ve got the Happy Endings storyline.”

MARRIED LIFE | While Brad’s adjusting to life on the unemployment line, complete with a tutorial from Max on how to live on the cheap, Jane gets a new job at a car dealership. Will all the professional changes take a toll on their happy marriage? Hardly! “They have to spend a little more time apart, which only makes the sex so much better,” says Eliza Coupe. “They want it more.” Meanwhile, a visit from Jane’s parents (played by Christopher McDonald and Julie Hagerty) will reveal that things aren’t so perfect between Brad and her pops. “The mom and him are great,” explains Damon Wayans Jr. “The dad and him are… [Brad doesn’t] really know what to say to the dad. You either have a really good relationship with the dad or a weird one. It’s a weird one.”