Exclusive Bob's Burgers Video: SNL's Bill Hader Is In - and [Spoiler], [Spoiler] & [Spoiler] Are Out!

Bob's Burgers Season 3 Bill HaderMass layoffs rock Bob’s Burgers this Sunday (Fox, 8:30/7:30c) when Bob, worried he’s depriving his children of a summer vacation, fires them from the restaurant!

And the staffing shake-up doesn’t end there.

Before the ink on the kids’ pink slips have time to dry, Bob and Linda’s bank robber pal Mickey (once again voiced by Saturday Night Live‘s Bill Hader) bursts through the door looking for a job.

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Press PLAY below to watch the (initially) terrifying reunion and find out why Mickey got an early release from prison. Also, fun fact: Real-life spouses Nick Offerman (Parks and Rec) and Megan Mullally also guest star in the episode as a pair of hippie farmers who end up hiring the Belcher spawns as “weed pickers.”