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Suburgatory Preview: George and Tessa Find New Romances, Dalia Catches Dance Fever and More!

SuburgatoryWelcome back to Chatswin! ABC’s Suburgatory returns tonight at 9:30/8:30c with both Tessa and her dad George on the precipice of new love, a mother of an entrance and a whole lot of choreography. Below, executive producer Emily Kapnek and stars Cheryl Hines (Dallas), Parker Young (Ryan) and Carly Chaikin (Dalia) preview what’s to come in Season 2 and reveal why now is the right time for a pair of will they/won’t they couples.

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LOVE, DAD EDITION | After only one season, the show is going there with George and Dallas. “We know they have great chemistry, and watching George date other women, ultimately, wouldn’t have been nearly as rewarding as watching him date Dallas,” explains Kapnek. “There’s so much fodder there because they’re from such different worlds. Putting it off any longer just felt like denying great storytelling. We didn’t want to stall it out for the sake of stalling it out.” And once the two are officially together, there will be equal parts hilarity and drama. One episode will deal with the duo “trying to navigate their differences in parenting,” previews Kapnek. “They’re not on the same page. They don’t see eye-to-eye.” As for laughs, quite a few will come from Dallas and her typically over-the-top ways. “When they get together, Dallas really wants it to be spectacular,” teases Hines. “She goes to great lengths for that first night of intimacy. I’m not sure that George loves all the theatrics. There was stunt work involved and lots of costumes.”

LOVE, DAUGHTER EDITION | Another couple coming to fruition around Christmas time: The unlikely pairing of Tessa and her friend Lisa’s dimwitted, but lovable brother! “Ryan can’t not pursue Tessa. He loves her. He really does,” says Young. “He’s also been working on himself a Suburgatorylot, trying to figure out what Tessa doesn’t like.” As for the redhead, she’s coming around on the guy, reveals Kapnek. “As time wears on, she realizes that he has so much heart and he’s so sweet and endearing,” says the EP. “Even though they’re not really properly suited, she just can’t deny that she finds him adorable.” Ryan’s so irresistible, in fact, that “any of the skeptics [of the storyline] were just turned at the table [read]. He’s so incredibly endearing, and they’re great together,” Kapnek adds.

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HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS | Tessa’s mom (guest star Malin Akerman) will shake up the Altmans’ lives during Thanksgiving and Christmas, making the holidays “poignant for George because he’s letting go and letting Tessa explore some of the stuff she’s wanted to do in terms of getting to know her mom and spending time in the city,” previews Kapnek. Luckily, he’s got a new girlfriend to take his mind off things… and side with his ex?! “Interestingly, Dallas feels sorry for [George’s former wife] and takes her side, whereas George has seen this all before,” says Hines. “He’s used to all her antics. He’s a little less softhearted with her. So Dallas is trying to bring him around.” Perhaps that’s why their “low-key” turkey day, as the actress puts it, “doesn’t go completely smoothly”?

DANCE, DANCE REVOLUTION | Much to Kapnek’s surprise, “we’ve had a choreographer on [set for] like four episodes so far,” she says. “We’re having a lot of song and dance this season.” Most of the moves will be carried out by the scene-stealing Dalia, who not only challenges Tessa to a dance-off, but also comes up with an inventive plan to win over a certain someone. Teases Chaikin: “Carmen, our housekeeper, gets stolen away from us, so I want her back for Christmas. I make a music video for her.”