Castle Recap: 'Kate! Her Name Was Kate!'

This week on ABC’s Castle, Rick and Kate did their very best to keep their romantic weekend getaway to the Hamptons on the down low, lest anyone back at the precinct get wise to their secret relationship.

But what’s the saying about “best laid plans”…?

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During my visit to the set back in July, when I asked Seamus Dever how the boys might respond once the “Caskett” romance is revealed to the rest of the 12th, he said, “I think Ryan’s ultimate reaction will be, ‘Yeah, so? We thought it would’ve happened four years ago.’ I think that’s what Ryan would feel – ‘Finally! God, the tension! We can move on with our lives.'”

Instead, his take boiled down to three little words: Son of a….

Backing up a bit…. Castle and Beckett’s getaway was interrupted pretty promptly — and just as some skinny dipping was about to ensue — when a gunshot victim stumbled into Rick’s pool. The vic had snitched on some fellow financial scam pals, and was seen fighting with his mistress on the beach not long before dying (Hi, Carly No. 2!), so there were multiple suspects of varying degrees. One of them Kate and Rick interrogated together, while helping out local police chief Brady — and it was that same suspect who, when grilled a second time back in New York City, unwittingly dropped quite the bombshell in Ryan’s lap as he described his Q&A with Castle and “his girlfriend,” a tall, brown-haired girl with an “awesome” body. “Kate!” the guy eventually recalled. “Her name was Kate!”

Did Ryan immediately share his findings with Rick during their next check-in? Nope. Instead, he teased, “I’m pretty sure that Lerner told me everything,” as Caskett, via speakerphone, hung on his every word. Neither did he come clean to Esposito, with whom he had spent much of the hour gathering clues about Beckett’s mystery boyfriend. Rather, he argued, to Espo’s disappointment, they should let Kate’s private life be private.

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Speaking of Kate’s private life, and despite the intrusion of murder, there were fun and/or romantic moments to be found, including and beyond Kate’s inclination to take a late-night swim au naturel. Chief Brady mistaking Kate for a hooker. The two of ’em getting heated and closing in to a clinch as they hashed out the final details of the murder mystery. Beckett’s sexy epilogue there in the candlelight, about how “nothing, not even another murder on the beach, could stop her from getting… what she desired… most.”

But for my money, and perhaps yours, the two top moments were, in no particular order:

* Kate taking in the “spectacular” scenery of Rick’s Hamptons home, yet unable to not “wonder how many other girls have gotten this tour.” Rick allows that while yes, there were others, “None of them were you.”

* Rick mulling what their “couple name” would be à la Brangelina. “Rickate…? Kate-ick…? Caskett! Ooh, that’s a good one, because of the whole murder thing.”

Have you ever met a meta moment you didn’t like?

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