Homeland Recap: Hinky Tailor, Soldier Spy

The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from the third episode of Homeland Season 2.

The way that this Sunday’s Homeland opened up, you can’t be blamed for starting to tear your hair out. Saul, on his way home from Beirut, was detained at the airport by a Lebanese official/ball-breaker who rifled through his attach case, finding and keeping a hidden memory card — even as Saul warned that he was risking a “serious diplomatic incident.” But, G-d bless Saul, it was all for effect. Once he boarded the plane, he extracted the actual memory card containing Brody’s confession from a secret cavity of his briefcase handle.

We wouldn’t see Saul again until the end of the hour, however. Instead, we witnessed Carrie’s “recuperation” from the Beirut mission at home, where she stayed up all night — ignoring her father’s advisement of sleep — to compile her exhaustive report. Danny from the CIA shows up the next day to pick up her report and also commend her on a “damn impressive” field assignment. See you at the 6 pm debrief! Or not.

Meanwhile at the Brody house, Jessica is taken aback by the openness of the speech Nicholas plans to give at her fundraiser for wounded war vets. His words speak of how, as a POW, he was prepared to die — but didn’t. It questioned how his family can ever really know him anymore. “I never knew this is how you felt,” Jessica said, leading to a tender moment… leading to a passionate moment of almost-kitchen counter sex, had Dana not shown up. Brody ducks out to call Roya, who needs him to get to Gettysburg and relocate Bassel, the tailor of fine clothes and bomb vests, to a safe house. “You’re the only one he knows,” she explains. What’s more, to compel Brody to run the kinda-pedestrian errand, “He’s the one man who knows the truth about you.”

Brody begrudgingly complies, and finds in Gettysburg a very suspicious tailor. Ultimately he coaxes Bassel to come with him, but somewhere along their drive get a flat tire. That cues up several scenes rife with tension, as antsy Bassel alternately and ominously handles a tire iron, a rock, the gas pedal of the SUV under which Brody is perched…. Not helping calm things: Jessica phoning Nick to see where the eff he is! He says he got flat in the middle of nowhere (true!) and won’t be able to make the gala.

The flat gets changed, but as they stop at a filling station, Bassel flees into the woods. Brody gives chase and tackles the tailor… who lands/impales himself on a protruding tree branch. In the midst of patching up the profusely bleeding man, Brody’s cell rings, and when he can’t muffle Bassel enough to keep Jess from hearing on the other end, he efficiently snaps the guy’s neck. Brody then buries the tailor. Needless to say, even if he could make the fundraiser, he is not wearing the shirt he has on.

Carrie shows up early for the 6 o’clock debrief… only to see that Estes started without her, on purpose. You wrote a damn fine report, he says, but Abu Nazir “is not your concern anymore.” Seeing Carrie crestfallen, he asks: “You didn’t think you’d be reinstated, did you?” Carrie proceeds to move out of her dad’s and back into her own place, where she at first dresses up for a night of living it up… but winds up deciding to end it all, ODing on a fistful of pills with a white wine chaser. But as she begins to doze off, Carrie’s eyes snap open, she panics and runs to the loo to “eject” her deadly cocktail.

In Nick’s absence, Jessica assures the vice president, “Don’t worry, sir — this is my mess” and she proceeds to give a speech that starts awkwardly, then evolves into her deep-felt suggestion that they uses some of the raised funds to create a place where the families of returning war veterans can prepare for their loved one’s homecoming. More than hinting at the difficulties she herself has faced, she argues, “In the end, we’re all fighting this war together.”

After Mike drives Jessica home, she invites him in for a nightcap, Love Boat-style, but he politely declines — until, that is, she divulges that Brody once (well, more than once) “was f–king that crazy CIA bitch.” Mike is now all, “I’m in!” But as they head up the walk, Brody comes home, freshly showered via car wash and in some sort of sweatsuit. Mike tells Brody that Jess kicked ass. “I don’t doubt it,” he responded. “She’s quite the hostess.” (And by “hostess” he wasn’t really meaning “hostess.”) After Mike excuses himself, a livid Jessica tells Brody to “give this marriage some serious thought,” because she has had her fill of lies.

Then we come back to Saul, who went to Carrie’s place straight from the airport. “Before you dig your hole any deeper” after getting the big chill from Estes, Saul wants to show her something. She pops the memory card into her laptop as Saul says, “You deserved to see it first.” As Carrie watched Brody’s confessional tape, she mutters, “I was right?!” “You were right.” Then, as a variety of emotions wash over her face, she can finally say it herself, now backed up with fact: “I was right.”

What did you think of this week’s Homeland? Did the opening segment hoodwink you? Are you glad Saul came forth with the video and thus isn’t the mole? (Or is he?!) And how about this week’s work by Morena Baccarin? Wow.