Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Glee, Grey's, Arrow, Person of Interest, Once Upon a Time and Scandal

Which Glee femme is coming after Finn? Did Once Upon a Time‘s Snow White once have a knight to remember? Which big bad is living right under Arrow‘s nose? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other hot shows.

Glee | Boot camp might start looking pretty good to Finn when McKinley High’s onetime gridiron star takes the ball in coaching New Directions (while Will is in D.C. “fighting for the arts”) as well as directing the school play. “Sue is going to have a big problem with him,” Jane Lynch told TVLine at the 2012 Media Access Awards. “He’s innocent, but he says something really stupid to me, and one thing about Sue Sylvester is she never forgets.” Then again, Finn could probably use the distraction of “another woman” – albeit a vitriolic cheerleading coach of a certain age! – in the wake of his break-up with Rachel. “Sue is your greatest advocate, but she’s also your worst enemy,” Lynch stresses, “so Finn is in for it!”

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Once Upon a Time | In addition to making the acquaintance of the original Queen of Mean, Emma this Sunday will be introduced to no less than Lancelot. But as show bosses Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz previously scooped for us, the handsome former member of the Round Table is no stranger to Snow White. “Yeah, she definitely has a ‘friendship’ with him,” Jennifer Morrison told me. “It seems like maybe either he fought battles with Prince Charming or was in some other way was of a part of their kingdom and community, so they definitely have a friendship.” Hmm, maybe Mary Margaret’s alter ego isn’t so snow white after all? (And no, the “We were cursed” excuse won’t fly this time.)

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Grey’s Anatomy | If you thought April was surprised to find Dr. Hunt at her rural doorstep, wait until she sets foot back inside Seattle Grace. After all, “She doesn’t realize that Jackson’s going to be there, because he was supposed to go to Tulane,” Sarah Drew previews. “But he is there, and that is going to throw a wrench into her plans.” Reflecting on when April and Jackson saw each other – or at least were supposed to see each other – Drew admits, “She sort of stood him up. She had to get on a plane, and he didn’t have time for her. So she went on with her life and thought she wouldn’t ever see him again, and then she walks into the hospital and there he is. It’s a funny entrance back into the world!”

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Scandal | TVLine reader Leah sneaked a good Q in just under the wire, asking for “news on either Parks and Recreation or Scandal.” And since I just got off the horn with the latter show’s Joshua Malina, this inquiry was irresistible low-hanging fruit. Malina told me that at the close of the next fresh episode, airing Oct. 18, “There’s a big surprise that kind of comes out of nowhere regarding David, one I think fans will enjoy.” Might my theory prove true, that he’s involved with his feisty, nubile assistant Alissa (played by Suite Life‘s Brenda Song)? Malina wouldn’t confirm or deny, but instead deadpanned: “One hopes and believes that she could do better.”

Person of Interest | As TVLine first told you during the pre-season, Paige Turco will be back, in Episode 5, when the sexy-cool Zoe helps out the boys in a way that only she can. When I pressed the show bosses for details on her latest visit, they were in a teasing mood. “Paige is spectacular, and sometimes you get that rare alchemy of a piece of casting and a character that just connects,” said Jonah Nolan, “so she’ll come back to further complicate things. ” How so? “[Zoe and Reese] are going to settle down together,” he shared. And, EP Greg Plageman assured, “It is going to be hot!”

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Arrow | Although you spied Deathstroke’s mask in the pilot’s island scenes, series lead Stephen Amell suggests that actually meeting the DC Comics baddie is part of the CW hit’s “longer term” plan. Instead, at some future point after Arrow fends off the likes of China White (next Wednesday) and Deadshot (in Episode 3), Amell suspects that the villain Merlyn will come into play – especially since the character’s most recent comic-book iteration and Ollie’s skirt-chasing BFF, Tommy Merlyn, are one and the same. “Colin Donnell is a wonderful actor,” Amell attests, “and he has a pantheon-level villain in him somewhere, if they choose to go there.” For the time being, Amell says the show will dial down Tommy’s overt curiosity about Oliver’s time on the island and erratic behavior since coming home, though in the end, “That character is too smart to not realize what’s going on.” UPDATE: Amell shoulda been more bullish when I spoke to him in July: Deathstroke will in fact surface in Episode 5, played by stunt man Jeffrey Robinson (Human Target).

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