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Fall Preview: 90210 Boss on Season 5's Exits, Possible Wedding Bells for Naomi and More!

90210 Season 5 Preview If you were hoping 90210 actors Gillian Zinser and Justin Deeley would be given lofty sendoffs at the start of the CW soap’s fifth season tonight (8/7c), prepare to be disappointed in 3, 2…

“We will see Austin in the premiere, but there’s not a big farewell,” co-showrunner Patti Carr tells TVLine of one-half of the departing duo. “Just because a character moves on for a bit doesn’t mean we expect to never see them again. It’s not so much a goodbye to Austin as it is that he’s just not in ongoing episodes based on where the storylines launch in the premiere, the events of which really effect everybody’s lives as they move in different directions.”

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Meanwhile, Zinser doesn’t even appear in the opener, though Carr says she could potentially return at some point. “Gillian had some other interests this season, and we wanted to make her available to pursue those,” Carr explains. “But we do have a deal for her to appear on the show, and we’re hoping that the character does come back at some point in the year.”

But enough about who’s leaving Beverly Hills. Let’s find out what’s in store for those characters sticking around…

NAOMI AND MAX | The recently reunited pair are in it to win it this time around. Previews Carr: “We didn’t want to tell the same stories with them, where it was an on-and-off situation. We wanted to really invest and give it a try.” Expect to see the lovers “make some pretty big decisions and move forward in a huge way” — a plot point that the exec producer is particularly excited about it. “It’s fun because we get to see Naomi really grapple with some really mature stuff,” she shares. “With all the things she has been through and the things she’s learned, she’s not going to make the same mistakes again. But she’s going to have some new challenges that are going to be a little bigger than she had to deal with in high school.” Might Max and Naomi make the most of his abandoned wedding and get hitched themselves? “The very first scene of the premiere addresses that issue,” Carr teases, adding with a laugh, “But I don’t think Naomi would ever take a hand-me-down wedding.”

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SILVER (AND TEDDY?) | “Silver’s storyline about the BRCA gene is continuing to be pretty central this year and is something we feel drives through the entire season,” Carr says, adding, “Obviously, Teddy was asked a big question [to father Silver’s baby] in the finale, and he’s going to have to come up with an answer. We do get his answer in the premiere… and they move forward in unexpected ways off of that.” As for exes Navid and Liam, “Silver puts them on the backburner,” Carr reveals, “but the guys don’t necessarily do the same.”

ANNIE | Look for a refreshing new romance for Shenae Grimes’ alter ego opposite recurring player Riley Smith. “He comes in as a product of Dixon’s accident,” the showrunner shares. “He’s pretty acerbic and really butts heads with Annie. But as we know, there’s a thin line between love and hate…. He’s such a fun guy and is so different from the other characters on the show.”

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LIAM | She’s baaack! Arielle Kebbel’s likeably creepy Vanessa returned in the Season 4 finale, which “can’t mean anything good,” Carr jokes. “As crazy a villainess as she is, it’s all really out of her genuine feelings for Liam. She just wants to be with him — it’s a little bit of a Fatal Attraction-type thing.” Liam, meanwhile, is “struggling with how to get out of that situation he’s in with Vanessa, so he’ll make some choices — some really big decisions with big repercussions in an effort to get free of that relationship.”

ADRIANNA | Look for perpetually lost Ade to make “some pretty big moves” in the premiere, “especially before she knows about Dixon’s accident,” Carr reveals. (Hint: Guest star Wes Brown is involved… and naked) Unfortunately, said “moves” are going to “come back to haunt her in a pretty big way,” adds the producer. “Ade has got a lot to deal with and it’s going to be something she struggles with for the first half of the season at least.”

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