The Good Wife Recap: Passion Over Pragmatism

This week on CBS’ The Good Wife, as Lockhart Garden got whittled down, Peter’s campaign coffers got built up — and from a surprising source. Meanwhile, viewers got more insight into the dysfunctional dynamic between Kalinda and Nick.

BACK IN ACTION | Will’s first case back involved the wrongful death of a protestor, and things started out promisingly enough the prosecutor offered an $800,000 settlement. Will, though — and against trustee Clarke Hayden’s advisement — forged on ahead, only to get waylaid by a new rule allowing for written questions from the jury, and they started doing damage to his case. After suffering several setbacks and being handicapped by a distracted Kalinda. Will regained his footing by proving that the victim had been incorrectly targeted as a problem protestor and thus was subject to excessive force by the cops. The case was settled for $3.5 mil.

WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE | In between unwittingly helping Hayden pare down the firm’s ranks, Alicia was tasked with presenting the form’s proposal for rent relief to their new landlord Maddie Hayward, a female business tycoon played by ER alum Maura Tierney. Maddie though was more interested in Alicia’s fortitude as a woman scorned-turned-woman who stands by her man. As a result of their brief confab — and after receiving assurances that Peter was a changed man — Maddie elected to contribute to the Florrick campaign, to Eli’s immense delight.

Maddie later asked Alicia out for a drink, an overture that at first was mistaken as being romantic. But, turns out, Maddie simply doesn’t have many gal pals, but would like to make Alicia one. That misunderstanding cleared up, Alicia said she’d be delighted to go out. In the end, Alicia was mildly scolded by Diane, seeing as Maddie rejected their relief proposal, while Peter thanked his wife in an episode-ending warmish, kinda-fuzzy moment.

JUST DESSERTS | Over ice cream, Nick and Kalinda rehash some of their complicated past. “You left me hanging,” he said. “Two yours inside, when I get out I expect my loving wife to be there.” Kalinda asks, “Did you cry?” To that, Nick said, “I don’t remember you being such a bitch.” “You have a bad memory.” Segueing into that scene that barely passed muster with censors, Nick asks, “Do you remember this?” and proceeds to discreetly touch Kalinda south of the border. “I… remember you being better at it,” she snarks. Nick then jams his fingers into Kalinda’s ice cream, bothering her barely a bit.

After Kalinda tries (but ultimately fails) to have LG drop Nick as a client, she arrives home to find Nick waiting in her chair waving a gun. She ignore him, he punches a mirror, and she swings into nursemaid mode. “Why do you hurt me” he asks. “I love you. I always will,” he adds. The two recline back into bed and switch back into the love portion of their totally twisted love-hate relationship.

What did you think of this week’s Good Wife? Do you like Alicia’s new girlfriend? Was The Ice Cream Scene as prurient as you feared?