Hart of Dixie Recaplet: In the Matter of George vs. Wade, Did Zoe Make the Right Choice?

Hart of Dixie Season 2 PremiereWho are you voting for?

No, we’re not talking about the upcoming presidential election. Hart of Dixie doc Zoe finally picked between her two impossibly handsome Bluebell suitors in Tuesday night’s Season 2 premiere, but we want to know which guy you think is best for her.

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But first, let’s review the options and Dr. Hart’s choice. In this corner, we have George Tucker, the all-around good guy who broke off his 15-year relationship with Lemon for the pixie doctor. When he sincerely told the brunette that the two of them could be the real, forever deal, you had to believe him.

And in this corner (somewhat reluctantly), we have the often shirtless Wade, with whom Zoe just connected during A+ sex. But he has no interest in a relationship, so he doesn’t want to throw his hat into the ring for her affections. (His pants, however, are another story.)

So who was the doc’s personal preference? Kelly Taylor! With Wade having taken himself out of the running and George fresh out of a longterm relationship, Zoe couldn’t bear the thought of being a rebound girl… so she chose neither guy. Plus, she wants new bachelor George to date around. But while she waits for the timing to be right with George, she and Wade are still hopping into bed together just to prove she’s no “B-” in the sack.

Now it’s time for you, dear TVLine readers, to weigh in!