Are Elementary's Holmes and Watson a Crime-Solving Dream Team?

ElementaryIs TV big enough for two Sherlocks? With the premiere of its new crime-solving drama, Elementary, on Thursday night, CBS certainly hopes so. But we want your thoughts about the Eye network’s modern take on the famous detective.

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First, a brief refresher: While Jonny Lee Miller’s sleuth may share a name with the literary icon played by Benedict Cumberbatch in PBS’ Sherlock, the similarities pretty much end there. This version of Holmes has relocated to New York City, where he works as a consultant to the local police (headed up by Aidan Quinn’s Captain Toby Gregson) after coming off a stint in rehab. To add to the edge quotient: He’s got tats and has kinky sex with a Girl With the Dragon Tattoo-esque woman.

To keep him on the straight and narrow, Sherlock’s father has hired a live-in sober companion by the name of Dr. Joan Watson (Southland‘s Lucy Liu), who accompanies him on his investigations. Yes, the latest twist on this classic story is that the beloved sidekick is now a female, which adds a whole new element to what was once a bromance. But despite the gender swap, there’s no hanky panky here. For one, Sherlock’s keen, blunt observations about Joan — she used to be a surgeon until she screwed up and lost a patient — push her away until she realizes the source of his secret pain (something happened with a woman back in London). Plus, she has to admit she kind of loves what her new charge does for a living; not to mention, she’s good at it, too.

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