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Did Last Resort Blow You Out of the Water?

ABC’s Last Resort aimed to make a splash on Premiere Thursday — but in your opinion did the action-drama hit its target?

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Created by Shawn Ryan (The Shield) and Karl Gajdusek, Last Resort stars Andre Braugher (Homicide) as Marcus Chaplin, the captain of a ballistic naval submarine Colorado. Shortly after picking up a team of sketchy SEALs, the Colorado receives orders — through the secondary (i.e. backup) Antarctic network — to launch an attack on Pakistan. When Chaplin puts a pin in the attack until her gets the directive from “someone whose authority I recognize,” he is relieved of command.

Chaplin’s XO Sam Kendal (Felicity‘s Scott Speedman) also holds out for the transmission of the attack order through the primary channel, at which point the radio goes dead and the Colorado soon finds itself dodging a Tomahawk missile… fired by the Illinois aka one of their own.

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Once the Colorado has time to licks its wounds, Chaplin has his lieutenant, Grace Shepard (Daisy Betts), set course for a remote isle of Sainte Marina, where they promptly ruffle the local gang lord’s feathers, commander the resident NATO early warning station and declare themselves a sovereign nuclear nation. Chaplin takes to the airwaves to declare a 200-mile “no man’s land” surrounding the island, which, if penetrated, will force the Colorado to retaliate. To prove his mettle, when the U.S. attempts an air strike on Sainte Marina, he fires off a missile at D.C. itself… though one that lands and detonates safely offshore, though close enough to prove a point.

Persist in challenging him, Chaplin says, “and we will all burn…. You have been warned.”

But have you been won over? Vote in our poll and weigh in via comments.