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CBS' Vegas: Will You Pay a Return Visit?

As Premiere Week entered Night 2 this Tuesday, CBS took viewers on a trip to circa-1960s Vegas, where sheriff-turned-rancher Ralph Lamb (played by Dennis Quaid) was lassoed back into the law enforcement biz to solve the murder of a casino worker.

Lamb’s “temporarily” revived career put him on a crash course with Vincent Savino (The Shield‘s Michael Chiklis), a Chicago mobster looking to claim a generous piece of the ever-growing Las Vegas pie.

Along the way, as the very different alpha males locked horns, we met Ralph’s brother/ersatz deputy Jack (Terra Nova‘s Jason O’Mara) and ADA Katherine O’Connell (The Matrix‘s Carrie-Anne Moss). Next week, Sarah Jones (Sons of Anarchy) joins the cast as Mia Rizzo, a mobster’s daughter who is put in charge of skimming profits at Savino’s casino.

The addition of Jones, I want to think, is Vegas‘ way of addressing what I, upon viewing the pilot over the summer, worried was a liability: Yes, Harrison Ford Quaid, Chiklis, Moss and O’Mara make for a damn fine cast, but save for the lad playing Lamb’s son, there’s no one here under 40. And on a 1) CBS 2) drama that is 3) set in 1960, you’re begging to be saddled with a sorrowful demo rating. Meaning, as promising and finely made a drama as this may be, pulling the wrong kind of numbers makes for lousy odds out of the gate.

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