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Beth Behrs Talks 2 Broke Girls' Later Time Slot: 'I've Been Shocked By What We're Allowed to Do'

Those 2 Broke Girls may be a bit less penniless than they were when the CBS sitcom launched, but they still have a ways to go before they amass enough ka-ching! to make their sweet dreams come true. With Season 2 arriving Monday at 9/8c, TVLine invited Beth Behrs to weigh in on the show’s later time slot and tease what trouble Caroline’s convict pop (played by Steven Weber) might pull them into, as well as chime in on her other favorite shows.

TVLINE | Tell me about the little “field trip” to Europe you and Kat Dennings went on this summer, for CBS Watch Magazine. Was it all work, or some play?
Well, it was technically work, but we got to bring our boyfriends, so that made it not-work, really. We went to Milan first and did a photo shoot there, but it was so much fun because we got to go to all these different locations, so we were seeing Milan as we were working. And then we traveled to Paris together, and then my boyfriend and I went to Madrid. It was actually a really wonderful vacation.

TVLINE | Do you and Kat ever worry that if you spend too much free time together, “Uh-oh, this is where we’re just going to snap”?
[Laughs] No, definitely not. We’re so close, so.… No!

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TVLINE | 2 Broke Girls is taking over the Two and a Half Men time slot, airing a half-hour later at 9 o’clock. Does that mean the humor might get even bawdier?
I would venture to say yes. I mean, they let us get away with a lot last year, but so far this year I’ve been shocked by some of the stuff we’re allowed to do. We’ve shot six [episodes] so far and they’re some of the most hilarious, shocking, wonderful ones we’ve had. It’s going to be a really good season.

TVLINE | I’m rather surprised it took [series creator] Michael Patrick King this long to title an episode “And the Pearl Necklace.”
[Laughs] Well…. You’ll have to watch that episode [airing Oct. 1], because it’s not all about what you would think it would be about, but…. Uh….. There’s definitely…. Yes, there is some…. Yes, you hit it on the nose. [Laughs]

TVLINE | The show courted some controversy last year. Do you feel like that is behind you now, and you all can just focus on making people laugh?
Even in the midst of all of that last year, Kat and I were committed to making people laugh. We love going to work every day and doing our job, because we believe in the show and the characters so much. It’s nice to know that the first-season pressure is over. Last year, premiering and not knowing if we would be on the air next week…. It’s nice not to have that pressure.

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TVLINE | When last we tuned in, Max and Caroline had given Martha Stewart their business card. So, are they home free? Is success around the corner, show over?
We do have a whole episode that is kind of dedicated to what happens with the Martha thing, but in any sort of business, you have lots of successes… and you have lots of failures. That was definitely a success for them, and I think the success will continue, but they’re still a lot — $249,000 — short of their goal! It will never come easy for these girls.

TVLINE | In the season premiere, Steven Weber (Wings) shows up in the flesh, as Caroline’s father. What circumstances bring that about?
It’s so exciting, because Steven Weber is such an amazing actor – he’s hilarious, he’s charming, he’s the perfect choice for Martin Channing. I finally take Max to the prison to meet my father, and he asks us to go to this auction to get an heirloom that’s important to the Channing family – and some crazy-ass stuff happens along the way. [Laughs]

TVLINE | An auction? But the girls don’t exactly have money to bid….
Exactly, so you’ll have to see how that all plays out.

TVLINE | Outside of the two girls themselves, what’s your favorite relationship on the show?
I love to watch Oleg and Sophie, because Jennifer Coolidge and Jonathan Kite are such brilliant comedians, and together they’re amazing. They crack me up every tape night.

TVLINE | Do you ever break when Jennifer lets loose with that Polish accent?
All. The. Time. We had a tape night where, because of one line she had, we must’ve done 30 takes, because Jonathan, Kat and I could not keep it together. She’s brilliant, and every single time she hit it in such a funny way. I also really like the relationship between Earl (played by Garrett Morris) and Max – I think it’s really sweet, the way he’s almost a father figure to her.

TVLINE | I stumbled across a YouTube video of you belting some Les Miserables. Might Caroline sing on the show, for whatever reason?
I hope so! I beg Michael Patrick King every day, like, “Can’t Caroline be a musical theater girl?” He just laughs at me … so who knows.

TVLINE | As we saw during your appearance on our Spoiler Alert! series, you’re quite the TV fan, so let’s finish with a summer TV debrief. Do you think it’s over for Mad Men‘s Don and Megan?
I don’t think it’s over. Don is getting older and he needs to settle down, with one person. I think Megan is the best he’s going to get. She’s young, she’s beautiful, she loves him…..

TVLINE | How satisfied were you with The Killing‘s reveal of Rosie Larsen’s killer? I know you were speculating that Holder might factor into it.
I actually loved it – and I’m really, really super-bummed that [show is] not coming back. I thought that scene where it was revealed that it was the sister, and she was breaking down, was one of the most beautifully acted scenes I’ve seen on TV in a long time.

TVLINE | And what fall TV are you anticipating? You were caching up on Homeland last we spoke.
Downton Abbey I’m super-excited for; I watched the pilot of The Mindy Project and I loved that, so I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to tune into that; I loved the Nashville pilot….

TVLINE | I just finished the second episode of Homeland‘s new season, and the way it ends… You’re going to scream.
Oh, my gosh. I really can’t wait for Homeland. When is that, Sept. 30th? See, I even know the date!