Who's the Real Bones Baddie? Was Glee's Brit a Miss? Does Parenthood Add Up? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Weeds, Bones, Revolution and Awkward!

1 | How soon can we get Seth MacFarlane back as a Saturday Night Live host? If only every host brought such a work ethic (and resplendent bag of tricks) to Studio 8H.

2 | Did Doctor Who‘s trip to the Old West remind you more of Westworld, Terminator or Unforgiven?

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3 | What detail did you love most about Weeds’ futuristic series finale: that Doug was a cult leader, or that Celia’s daughter, Isabelle, was now Celia’s son, Bruce?

4 | How, how, how did Leverage‘s mission to stop a bioterrorist attack on D.C. not only not come off as preposterous as feared, but also deliver one of summer TV’s most recent thrilling, crafty hours? Also: Can we get Beth Riesgraf to guest on Glee as Brittany’s (totally kickass) big sis?

5 | What is Gray’s deep, dark secret on The L.A. Complex? ‘Cause there’s no way he’s really just a nice Air Force pilot.

6 | How is Switched at Birth so good at creating lovable, compelling love interests? We adore Emmett, dug Wilke and are now rooting for Chef and Daphne (despite his hook-up with Emmett’s mom!).

Bones7 | How many Bones fans are currently theorizing that FBI agent Flynn is the real Pelant?

8 | Did you let out a small cheer when The Mob Doctor killed off Michael Rapaport’s hyper goon? Hard to imagine a worse fate than having him play any show’s Big Bad week in, week out.

9 | Was the most distressing aspect of Revolution‘s perceived post-apocalyptic future that people will get into street fights over produce at fruit stands?

10 | How many of The Voice‘s contestants are picking Adam Levine just because he’s the cool and/or hot one?

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White Collar Matt Bomer Treat Williams11 | Should anyone who did not see White Collar‘s “Sam” twist coming a mile away be forced to surrender their TV remote?

12 | As able an agent as she is, wouldn’t Covert Affairs‘ Annie do well to not always look so steely and suspect when purposefully walking through the likes of downtown Moscow?

13 | Can someone remind us how Parenthood‘s Adam Braverman, who just sent a daughter to college, is in a financial position to even consider a $1,200 dog? Also, who pays for dogs anyway, when there’s an abundance of shelters to rescue animals from? Turning to humans: And are we ready to declare Hank Rizzoli > Mark Cyr?

14 | Was there ever any doubt that I Love Lucy would come out as the champ in 20/20‘s Best TV Show of All Time poll?

15 | Will someone please give So You Think You Can Dance‘s Twitch his own project? The guy’s clearly an audience favorite, so why not hook him up as a morning show entertainment correspondent or something of the sort?

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16 | Should there be a special Emmy to hand out to the mother of tantrum-throwing X Factor contestant Krysten Colon, for Specal Achievement in Not Indulging Your Daughter’s Delusions? “Nobody promised her four yeses.” Indeed!

Glee17 | Really, Glee? You tackle Britney again, yet via a storyline that renders Brittany — aka she of the otherwise mad moves — somewhat of a dancing klutz? And if the show is thinking of ever turning this into a trilogy, they should refrain, right? Also, would Brody really have traveled 45 minutes by subway to Rachel’s apartment without calling first to see that was actually home? And who else Googled “National Show Choir Board of Review” after Mr. Schue’s little hissy fit? Allllll that said, we are so Team Jarley.

18 | Do we have confirmation that Adam Scott is as bootylicious as his Parks and Recreation counterpart Ben? Can we get confirmation?

19 | Was there anything more disturbing or distasteful on TV this week than The Office‘s bizarre “Kevin killing a turtle” storyline?

20 | After that Awkward finale, everyone is Team Matty or Team Jake, right? (Meaning just Team Matty or Jake, minus Jenna? The girl’s flip-flopping has gotten out of control!) But the After Show was very entertaining, so can more networks do that, please?

21 | Was Tim Gunn’s slightly chilly sendoff to Project Runway‘s Ven a bit of residual frostiness from the designer’s nasty treatment of his “real woman” muse from a few weeks back? We can only hope so!

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!