Hart of Dixie Boss Promises Zoe and Wade Fans Will Be 'Very Happy' With Season 2

Hart of Dixie Wade Zoe Season 2 Last we saw Hart of Dixie‘s Wade and Zoe, the unrequited-no-more lovers were in the midst of a steamy hookup when a newly single George popped by to drop the “L” word on the pint-sized doc. So, which burly, Bluebell boy will Zoe choose in Season 2? Showrunner Leila Gerstein won’t reveal that twist just yet, but she does have a tease that spells smoother sailing for at least one ‘ship.

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“I’m sure that Wade fans are going to be very, very happy,” she tells TVLine of how things pan out early on for the lovelorn barkeep. “What we have done so far [in Season 2] is very strong for ‘Zade’ fans.”

That said — the that, of course, being that Zoe seemingly picks Wade — Gerstein is quick to note that the series’ signature “love triangle is going to continue to exist,” regardless of which guy initially gets the girl.

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“It’s more heightened [now] because Zoe’s actually had sex with Wade and also declared her feelings to George — and then had them reciprocated,” the EP explains. “What was a crush on George has turned into him calling off his wedding and making a huge gesture for her; and what was sexual chemistry with Wade has turned into full-on sex. So, there’s still a lot of push and pull on Zoe, and you will feel both sides continually — even though she does make a decision.”

Hart of Dixie‘s sophomore run begins Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 8/7c on The CW.