NCIS: LA Exclusive: Total Recall's Rachel Ticotin Lands on the Ballot in Election Episode

Rachel Ticotin has received NCIS: Los Angeles‘ vote to play a politician in a button-pushing election year-themed episode.

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TVLine has learned that the actress will guest-star in the fourth episode of Season 4 as Monica Tenez, whom showrunner Shane Brennan describes as “the sort of candidate that everyone would love to vote for this year — and by that I mean, if you looked at the Occupy movement and the general mood towards politicians and their dysfunctionality, here’s a candidate that you would love to vote for.”

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Acknowledging that the episode is not one NCIS: LA fans might call “traditional,” Brennan hopes to “really touch a nerve with the audience in terms of what they think of politicians. We tried to make it very contemporary in that sense.”

Perhaps best known as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cohort in the original Total Recall, Ticotin in recent years has appeared on TV on such shows as Unforgettable, Law & Order: LA, Weeds and Lost.

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Season 4 of NCIS: LA premieres Tuesday, Sept. 25.