Fall TV Preview

Finally, the Once Upon a Time Season 2 Promo -- And It's Pure Magic

ABC, as hoped-slash-expected, capped its Sunday marathon of four formative Once Upon a Time episodes by unleashing, at long last, the first full trailer for Season 2 — and it is magically delicious.

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Yes, you get a smattering of “happily ever after” — look at Snow reunite with the dwarfs in Storybrooke! — but the bulk of the promo is bubbling over with high drama and one very evil Evil Queen who’s obviously champing at the bit to wield magic again.

You’ll also catch sight of some new recurring faces for the sophomore run, including Sleeping Beauty (The Tudors‘ Sarah Bolger) with Prince Phillip (Pretty Little Liars‘ Julian Morris), and Mulan (Samurai Girl‘s Jamie Chung). And there’s that hook again….

It would also seem that with Emilie de Ravin’s promotion to series regular, Belle’s hair got a conditioning treatment. (Or maybe that was a side effect of the purple smoke?) Whatever the case, the beauty seems concerned that Rumple’s thirst for vengeance will turn him into a beast.

Conversation topic: So, who is Dr. Whale really, that he seems to be standing dutifully at the Evil Mayor’s side when she fends off the villagers with what for a second appears to be the Crane Stance?

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Press PLAY below to see it all for yourself — courtesy of the industrious folks at YouTube.com/TelevisionPromos — and tune in Sunday, Sept. 30 for the season premiere.