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NCIS' Season 10 Premiere: 11 Quick Observations

It’s that glorious time of year when the networks start letting loose with screeners of returning shows’ season premieres.

Previously, TVLine has covered Castle’s super-intense/sexy Season 5 opener, Glee’s Season 4 bow and Scandal‘s totally twisty sophomore premiere. This time, it’s the Season 10 premiere of CBS’ NCIS (airing Sept. 25) that showed up on our cyber-doorstep.

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Here, quickly, are 11 not-at-all-spoilery observations about how Harper Dearing has rocked Gibbs’ world.

• How many total casualties were there in the car-bomb attack on the NCIS HQ? “Enough,” one higher-up tersely reports to another.

• The “hand-off” from Ducky to Jimmy Palmer, glimpsed at in this promo, makes me verklempt all over again just recalling it. (That said, Dr. Mallard is down but not out. In fact, he later uncovers a critical clue.)

• Someone who believes themselves to have emerged from the explosion unscathed in fact did not.

• One of the agents hears from his/her dad in the immediate aftermath.

• While trapped in the elevator, Tony makes a James Bond reference that is totally lost on Ziva yet otherwise nails the (intimate-ish) moment perfectly.

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• Dearing is not done blowing up federal agents. Gulp.

• Abby, rendered cynical of the world by Dearing’s treachery, charges one of her colleagues to “Kick. His. Ass.”

• Gibbs quizzes the gang: “What’s a four-letter word for surviving a terrorist attack?”

• Gibbs’ plan to halt Dearing’s reign of terror is met with vocal opposition from at least one of his agents.

• There are two time jumps, of about six weeks each.

• Why is Gibbs measuring his basement space…?

Will you be tuning into the NCIS Season 10 premiere?

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