Fringe Boss Teases Three-Part Series Finale -- But When Will It Air?

Fringe showrunner J.H. Wyman is taking a particularly hands-on role in ushering the show into the sunset by directing the series finale. But when that sci-fi swan song will air is up for debate.

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Earlier this week, Wyman himself told a fan on Twitter that the series finale would air Feb. 1, 2013. Fox declined to confirm that date; sources tell TVLine the finale will air sometime after Jan. 1, however.

The fifth and final season, premiering Sept. 28, will have “two little breaks,” Wyman suggested to TVLine during our fall preview interview. “Four [episodes], and then two… and the rest is a[n uninterrupted] run-on” — landing the finale in mid-January, at least.

And while the twisty-turny saga will not culminate in any sort of two-hour TV-movie — “It’s definitely going to be in the one-hour slot,” Wyman says — Episodes 11, 12 and 13 “are like a three-parter,” he shares.

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All told, Wyman envisions and is structuring Fringe’s farewell tour “as a 13-hour feature film type of thing, like a saga, because I feel that’s the best way to tell the end.”

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