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Exclusive: Revenge Boss Reveals Why We Won't Meet Conrad's MIA Son -- For Now

Revenge fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of Conrad Grayson’s other son — the one from his first marriage — heed our advice: Patience is a virtue, and one you’re going to need.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the previously reported introduction of Daniel’s half-brother has been tabled for the foreseeable future — but why? As showrunner Mike Kelley explains, there’s already too much testosterone-tinged chaos happening in Emily’s life during Season 2 without him.

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“Right now, we’re really exploring the character that Barry Sloane is playing,” he tells us, “which is someone who was in revenge school with Emily and was really her first adult love.”

In order to truly delve into this male character — whose relationship with our leading lady organically “turned into a really satisfying story” — Kelley and his trusty team have decided to “hold off for a little while before we bring in another young man to complicate this further.”

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The EP shares that the chemistry between Emily VanCamp and Sloane, as her new-old flame, “is really strong,” which should tide viewers over until the time comes to bring on the Grayson mystery man. “We’re enjoying [telling] their flashback stories,” he says, “and also [exploring] a present-day dynamic between these two really passionate people who share a common goal, but are at odds with how much they trust each other.”

And, assures Kelley, “We do still plan to get to Conrad’s first family [in the show] during the latter part of this season.”

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