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Parenthood's Jason Ritter Previews Mark and Sarah's Post-Proposal 'Set of Problems'

Parenthod Mark Sarah EngagementAs the first promo for Parenthood‘s fourth season (premiering Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 10/9c) made abundantly clear, Sarah accepts Mark’s marriage proposal! Which means smooth sailing from here on out for the oft on-and-off couple… right?

Not quite, reveals Jason Ritter , who plays the Braverman gal’s fan-beloved beau.

“I was definitely happy to read that Sarah said ‘yes,’ but now there’s a whole other set of problems,” he tells TVLine. “You say ‘yes’ and you’re excited and it’s wonderful, but then there’s all this planning to do.”

Planning, while daunting, is certainly not a dealbreaker for the duo; reluctance from her family, however, could be. Explains the actor, “Even though it’s solid in our two characters’ minds, some of the other characters are [wondering out loud], ‘How real is this?’ and ‘Where’s the ring?'” (In defense of his rock-less alter-ego, Ritter jokes, “You don’t really need a ring, right? [Sarah and Mark are] just saying ‘I love you forever.'”)

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And then there’s also the issue of how these two can truly say ‘I do’ when Ritter is still not a permanent part of Parenthood.

“It’s a complicated thing,” he shares, musing about how long he expects his current stint on the show to last. “I know for now that they have given me a bunch of episodes, so I know I’m going to be there until a certain one… I think the only reason we’re having to do that is because there’s no possible way on a show that big to have me join the cast.”

Getting down the bare bones of his casting quandary, Ritter laughs, “The [show] knows that I love them, and I’m starting to believe that they don’t mind me. I feel like it’s an unspoken thing where I am around as much as they want to use me.”