Dallas Scoop: Jordana Brewster's Getting a [Spoiler] in Season 2!

Jordana Brewster DallasThere’s a forecast for rising temperatures on Season 2 of TNT’s Dallas reboot, as the show’s producers are planning to add two scorching series regulars to the cast.

First up is the role of Andres Ramos, the estranged older brother of Jordana Brewster’s Elena (pictured). Andres is described as being in his early-to-mid 30s, Hispanic, sexy and with a “great body.” (Um, this is Dallas, of course he wasn’t going to have a spare tire and chicken legs!)

Known by his close associates as “Drew,” Elena’s bro has a big personality and a little bit of a past: He witnessed his father’s death as a young man and grew up to be a lost, angry, bar-fighting, drug-taking screw-up. After a tour in Iraq, however, Drew got his affairs in order and, according to producers, has “spent the last 10 years bouncing around the world working oil rigs in exotic locales.” He’ll return to Southfork to “to drill the land his father died drilling,” but there’ll still be bitterness bubbling underneath Drew’s stated desire to continue dear old dad’s legacy.

Crazy/Beautiful‘s Jay Hernandez seems like he’d fit the bill, or perhaps fresh off the success of his Dancing With the Stars‘ gig, telenovela star William Levy?

A little less is known about Dallas‘ other newcomer, a tall, willowy blonde in her early 20s named Emma Brown, but she sounds like she might just as easily fit into an Edith Wharton novel as she would a modern-day soap opera. Emma is described as a classic beauty who’s been able to travel throughout Europe since she was a toddler, and was raised by her grandmother to be poised, graceful, and slightly aloof — and to look like a million bucks on horseback.

Emma’s priveleged upbringing has turned her into a complicated young woman. Her completely sheltered existence means she has “difficulty relating to anyone or anything outside that bubble, which gives her an otherworldly quality.” And not surprisingly, she’s more book smart than street smart. Still, while Emma’s father has instilled in her his own distrust of the larger world, and raised her to “feel safest in the ivory tower he’s constructed,” a deeper fascination with forbidden people and places will take hold of her throughout the season, according to a Dallas source.

Emma will make her first appearance in the Season 2 premiere and I could definitely envision Harper’s Island alum Cameron Richardson in the role. Or perhaps, if it means the permanent disappearance of Eileen’s irksome daughter on Smash, Grace Gummer could work for the role?

What do you think? Excited for some new blood in Southfork? Which actors would you like to see in the roles of Drew and Emma? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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