Exclusive Castle Sneak Peek: The First Photo of Season 5 Is Quite a Puzzle

Rick and Kate may’ve ended last season in the throes of passion, but the first image of the pair from Castle‘s Season 5 premiere is all business and very little pleasure.

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The following first look at the ABC drama’s Sept. 24 opener, titled “After the Storm,” shows Castle & Co. attempting to piece together a shredded file that may contain a clue about the murder of Beckett’s mother.

“I don’t know if [that mystery] is going to get resolved [this season],” hedged Nathan Fillion last month at Comic-Con. “That whole plot line is such a wonderful locomotive that keeps things moving.”

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From the looks of the image below, the train appears to be slowing down as Castle zeroes in on what could be a breakthrough. Or is he just trying to draw attention away from him and Beckett, lest Esposito and Ryan pick up on any post-coital tension? Thoughts?!

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