Suits Finale Preview: Can Harvey Save Mike? Will Louis Switch Teams? Is a New Romance Ahead?

Suits Patrick J. Adams Gabriel MachtTonight’s mid-season finale of Suits (USA Network, 10/9c) could be a piggy bank, it’s so stuffed full of change. The top position at Pearson Hardman is in flux, while Mike’s life is on a new and possibly self-destructive trajectory. Can his mentor Harvey put him back on track?

Below, executive producer Aaron Korsh previews the big vote that will decide the firm’s fate, romances in the office and a Harvey-and-Mike scene unlike any other.

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TVLINE | How will the dynamics in the firm shift with the vote?
Louis has been put in a power position, with the ability to sway the vote one way or the other. He’s going to use that power position to his full advantage in [the finale]. It will obviously shift the dynamics greatly in that way. At the same time, Mike is reeling from the loss of his grandmother. Mike is this wild card, Louis is full of himself with his newfound power and Harvey is caught in the middle between those two – Harvey and Jessica both.

TVLINE | Do Harvey and Jessica have any hope of winning Louis over to their side?
There’s always hope of winning Louis over to their side. Louis, deep down inside, understands that neither side has fully embraced him nor has either side fully shunned him. So there’s always a chance that Louis is going to vote for Harvey and Jessica, and there’s always a chance that Louis is going to vote for Daniel. When it comes down to it, he’s going to end up voting his gut.

TVLINE | Mike is having a hard time following his grandmother’s death. How far down the rabbit hole will he go?
He goes a little bit down the rabbit hole. The character of his grandmother was somewhat based on my grandmother. I had four grandparents, and three of them died when I was really young. One of them lived and died when I was about 30 or 31 years old. I took it hard. I obviously loved her very much. It shook my life a little bit at that time. But I’m not an orphan… This is Mike’s only family in the world. It’s a big thing. The loss really untethers him to the point where he’s going to ping-pong around the whole episode and really make some questionable decisions in reaction to that loss.

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TVLINE | It also leads to an exchange between Mike and Harvey in a setting and scenario we haven’t seen before. Can you preview that scene?
Mike, reeling from his grandmother, chooses to smoke pot in reaction to that. Harvey needs to come and help Mike get his s–t together, so he ends up showing up at Mike’s place and discovers that Mike has been smoking pot. It leads to them having a long, bonding discussion where they each reveal personal things to each other, man to man.

TVLINE | We have to talk about Rachel and Mike – when are those two crazy kids going to come to their senses?
[Laughs] That’s a great question, great phraseology. It could be a bad idea for anybody to have an interoffice romance, but in his particular case, [Mike] is a fraud. It’s a big thing. His revealing that to Rachel would really put Mike at risk. It could put Harvey at risk. It could put Jessica at risk. So it’s a big deal. And the other side of the equation – most of the time I don’t think like this, but in this particular case I do – if we get them together too soon, what do we do after that? It’s a tough question, and I don’t have necessarily the answer to it right now.

Suits Elisabeth HowerTVLINE | Can you talk about this mysterious woman, Tess (played by Elisabeth Hower, pictured right), and how much of a threat she is to Mike and Rachel?
Anyone who is an attractive woman, who Mike has a history with, is a threat to Mike and Rachel, especially in the state of mind that Mike is in. In this particular case, Tess is his first love — or at least first girlfriend. She’s coming back because of the death of Mike’s grandmother. It turns out she has a complicated secret of her own. It’s a question of, is the attraction between the two of them going to throw a kink into the Mike/Rachel relationship?

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TVLINE | Last week, Donna said she was not in love with Harvey. Is she in denial?
[Laughs] She could just be lying and not be in denial. I do not claim to know 100 percent what is in Donna’s heart when she’s delivering that line because these things tend to create a life of their own. But I personally believe her. I believe, currently, that Donna is not in love with Harvey. These things are very complicated. People’s feelings ebb and flow… At the time that she says that to Harvey, I believe that she believes it.

TVLINE | Was she in love with him in the past?
That is a complicated question. Love is a tough thing. Do I think Donna at some point had some feelings for Harvey? Absolutely. “Love” is a strong word. To me, it’s not a yes or no answer, as Donna says. But does she love Harvey in certain ways and care for him deeply? Absolutely. I guess I would pose the question: If at any point in their relationship or even now, Harvey said, “I want to marry you”  to Donna, I don’t think Donna would say, “Yes, let’s do it,” because she knows who he is and she knows that might not last. That’s why I say that question is complicated.