Did True Blood Break Your Hoyt? No Bad Luck for Walt? Who's TV's Top Misogynist? And More Qs

Jim Parrack True BloodWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including True Blood, Breaking Bad, the Today show, Rookie Blue, Falling Skies, Burn Notice and more!

1 | Was there any doubt that Common Law‘s Wes and Travis would work through their issues, over one last bit of thug-busting bravado? On that same note: Great shoot-out montage!

2 | True Blood permanently pulling the plug on Jessica and Hoyt (not to mention Hoyt and Jason!), is both heartbreaking and a little confusing, right? Of all the actors to write off, they chose the fantastic Jim Parrack? That said, Hoyt’s goodbye glamouring was beautifully executed.

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3 | How was Breaking Bad‘s bug-planting Walt able to count on Hank both drawing the blinds in his office and slipping out for a few minutes? And how was Jesse able to measure out the exact place along the train tracks to siphon the methylamine when Lydia didn’t obtain the manifest until much later?

4 | Given Douglas’ disdain for his father’s infidelity on Political Animals, wasn’t it a bit out of character for him to cheat on his fiancée, and with the reporter who spent most of her career eviscerating his mom for standing by her man? (Then again, since it got us another shirtless scene with James Wolk, why again are we nitpicking?) Meanwhile, has Dylan Baker’s smarmy veep somehow surpassed Brett Cullen’s White Collar “cave” manager as this summer’s most thankless role?

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Tom Arnold Roseanne5 | Wasn’t the reunion between Tom Arnold and Roseanne on Comedy Central’s Roast surprisingly touching? And can we agree that a CC roast isn’t really a roast without the Queen of Mean, Lisa Lampanelli?

| After watching Sunday’s Drop Dead Diva — not to mention the new Dexter trailer we ask again: Why doesn’t Enver Gjokaj have his own show? For the short term, can he play wannabe veep Paul Ryan for SNL?

| Is “awesome” the new “thank you” in response to, “I love you”? Parks and Rec got the ball rolling last year with Andy’s “Awesomesauce,” then we had Awkward, and now Animal Practice. Speaking of Awkward, are you as conflicted as we are about Jenna kissing Matty? We love them, but man, she really didn’t wait long after Jake dumped her to smooch her ex.

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Falling Skies8 | Are you loving Falling Skies‘ surprisingly subtle but sweet Tom/Anne romance as much as we are?

9 | How fun — and almost startling — was it to see Major Crimes‘ Provenza crack the whip at the crime scene and, best of all, give Raydor some serious lip? But really, would Brenda have left behind such a trove of sweets? We think not.

10 | Speaking of Brenda, what happened to her assurance, in The Closer‘s series finale, that the Major Crimes team would follow through on the hunt for Rusty’s mother? Because come spin-off time, not one of them seemed in the loop.

11 | Is it possible that Jerry Jacks is not back on General Hospital to wreak havoc on the Port Charles denizens, but rather to force them to find a cure for his seemingly untreatable illness? Maybe he’s just a big ol’ demented softie at heart.

12 | Has there been a more disgusting display of misogyny on TV this summer than Bachelor Pad denizen Chris’ attempt to “juggle” three women? And who’d have thought Blakely would turn out to be the underdog worth rooting for?

13 | Wren pursing Hanna on Pretty Little Liars feels weird, yes?

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14 | As much as we love Neal Caffrey’s elusive ways, didn’t White Collar let him dodge just a few too many bullets this week? He stole a piece of art from under the FBI’s nose.

LA Complex Jewel Staite15 | Was there a more disturbing image on TV than The L.A. Complex‘s Raquel being asked to “squat and cough” by a police officer, while naked, after being arrested for a DUI?

16 | Wouldn’t it have been nice if The Ballet Boys had done just a little homework before joining the So You Think You Can Dance judges’ table? At a bare minimum, learn the contestants’ names.

17 | Didn’t Team 5’s black-and-white-with-a-dash-of-color collection on Project Runway look like a bunch of dressed-up waiters, not professional office workers?

18 | So, the telenovela queen on Burn Notice this week (in, admittedly, her first English-speaking role) — was that a so-so actress playing a bad actress, a good actress playing a so-so actress…?

19 | Which Rookie Blue moment made you tear up the most: Oliver saving a seat for Jerry? Traci and Gail’s heart-to-heart in the hospital? Traci tearfully reading Jerry’s wedding toast? Sam breaking up with Andy? Or E) All of the above?

20 | Can’t you just hear it now, Game of Thrones‘ Mance Rayder saying, “Can ya gimme a boost up this Wall, Sugar”?

21 | Al Roker’s on-air dig at Matt Lauer for throwing ex-Today host Ann Curry under the bus: tacky much?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!