Olympics Watch: What Was Your Favorite Moment From London 2012, Day 15?

david boudiaIf I’m being completely honest, I entered Day 15 of NBC’s primetime Olympics coverage feeling a little burned out on the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Who’dve thunk, then, that I’d get my most satisfying post-event cry at the end of Saturday night’s Men’s 10-meter Platform Diving competition.

Indeed, watching what NBC’s rock-solid commentators called both diving’s “premiere event” and its “deepest field” provided the perfect storm of artistic beauty, nail-biting suspense, and raw emotion.

David Boudia of Team USA (who looks a little like a young Jim Carrey, no?) proved mesmerizing in all six of his dives, sending his awesome parents into alternating fits of jubilation and sobs of joy. Coach Adam Soldati added to the theater of it all, especially with his totally pmumped-up response to Boudia’s fourth dive, a flawlessly executed reverse 3 1/2 sommersault move, and the hug he doled out to Boudia when the competition was over.

Heading into the final dive, Boudia was tied for second with China’s Qiu Bo, and only 15/100 points behind One Direction singer Tom Daley of Britain, and when he hit the water with all the splash of a penny being dropped from 10 feet, it was clear the Gold would be his. A clearly heartbroken Bo finished well — but not quite as brilliantly — to take the Silver, while Daley delighted his hometown crowd with Bronze (not to mention his general adorableness).

Let’s close with a quote from Boudia that was part of NBC’s intro package: “It takes a crazy person to jump off a three-story building. I guess I developed that craziness along the way.” Or, as they say, one man’s crazy is the highlight of one couch potato’s Saturday night TV experience.

What were your favorite moments from Day 15? Did you love when Daley got thrown in the pool by some British comrades after he’d realized he won an individual medal? Sound off in the comments!