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Once Upon a Time Mystery: Could a True Blood Baddie Be Playing the Real [Spoiler]?

Once Upon a Time Michael Raymond JamesThere’s an air of mystery surrounding Once Upon a Time‘s newest guest star, Michael Raymond-James — namely because everything about his character, right down to his name, is purposely being kept under wraps.

All that said, the onetime True Blood Big Bad has nabbed a recurring role in Season 2 of ABC’s fantastical hit (premiering Sept. 30), TVLine has confirmed.

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The secrecy surrounding Raymond-James’ role — which differs greatly from the several other castings reported on this summer (see Hook, Sir Lancelot, Sleeping Beauty and Mulan) — can only get us theorizing that he could be playing Baelfire. Rumpelstiltskin’s long-lost son last was seen getting pulled away from the fairytale-land-that-was through a portal to, presumably, our world. In fact, late last season we and Mr. Gold were led to believe that the mysterious August Booth was Baelfire, when in actuality he turned out to be Pinocchio.

EW.com first reported on the casting of Raymond-James, whose credits also include Terriers and a bit part in The Walking Dead‘s second season.