True Blood Recap: The Vampire Who Killed Sookie and Jason’s Parents Was…

True Blood Season 5 Episode 8… and still is a mystery.

In Sunday’s Stephen Moyer-directed True Blood, Claude and what looked like a fairy girl group took the Stackhouses to the site of their folks’ murder so that ol’ jazz hands could sync up with her mom’s memory and see the face of her attacker. But, though the clairvoyant waitress did manage to flash back and observe what transpired from her mom’s POV – and surprisingly from the blood-sucker’s as well – we still couldn’t be sure whodunit. (Kinda looked like Russell, though, didn’t it?) Among the other goings-on in the action-packed hour:

SAM I AM (AND SO IS SHE) | While Sam was busy turning into a cobra to get intel out of the redneck he tackled outside Luna’s hospital room, Luna herself was accidentally shifting into her boyfriend, giving Sam Trammell probably the wildest, funniest scenes he’s ever gotten to play on the show and certainly the wildest, funniest scenes he’s ever gotten to play opposite himself. (Best part: Luna-as-Sam walking… well, exactly the way Luna-as-Luna would. Priceless.)

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I’LL DRINK TO THAT! | Salome bullied Bill into feeding on a human while sober by asking him why he hadn’t saved his children from death by making them vampires. (In a flashback, we even saw that his dying daughter was more than willing!) Later, he shocked Eric by suggesting at a Council meeting that the best way to do away with the mainstreamers was to do away with Tru Blood: Destroy the factories where the synthetic blood is produced, he argued, and even the mainstreamers would be forced to drink the real thing.

’TIL DEATH DO THEM PART? | To welcome No-Longer-Emo Hoyt to the fold, the rednecks kidnapped Jessica so that he could shoot her with a wooden bullet. Instead, being the good guy that we all know he is, he set her free. Unfortunately, there seems likely to be more heartache ahead for him: When Andy, Sam and Luna-as-Sam showed up to rescue the redhead, Luna-as-Sam smelled a big human woman… and Cheetos. Hoyt’s mama, maybe?

IT’S A DOG BEAT DOG WORLD | In the middle of some particularly animalistic sex, Alcide and Rikki became boyfriend and girlfriend. Kind of. Later, though Alcide decided against competing with JD to become packmaster when he learned they’d be hunting a human, the V junky went after their prey, anyway. Determined to save the would-be victim, Alcide got the stuffing beaten out of him, and, had Martha not intervened, might have wound up in that big dog park in the sky.

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ALL FIRED UP | Lafayette had barely made it home in one piece from his disastrous brujo misadventure when Arlene and Holly were badgering him to play medium and convince Terry that the spirit of the Iraqi woman he killed had elected to forgive, forget and lift her curse. Alas, when the post-traumatically-stressed soldier’s victim took possession of Lafayette’s body, she didn’t say “bygones,” she said she’d only lift the curse if Terry murdered Patrick or Patrick, Terry.

ETC., ETC. | Though Pam intervened when Tara publicly threatened a former high school nemesis at Fangtasia, she privately gave the bitch to her progeny as a present. On Godric’s orders, Eric appealed to Nora’s saner side, only to discover that she no longer possessed a saner side. (Duh.) And in case you couldn’t have guessed, no, Sookie did not lightning-bolt away all her magic. Jason talked her out of doing so, even mentioning that, had she not been “different,” she never would have met Bill. (Foreshadowing?)

So, what did you think of the episode – and of Moyer as a director? (Big, big thumbs-up from our end.) And, were there such a thing as an instant Emmy, wouldn’t you award one to Trammell for his performance tonight? Your thoughts, please, in the comments section below.

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