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Modern Family Update: ABC Boss 'Hopeful' About Resolution, Expects Season to 'Start on Time'

Is ABC’s Modern Family crisis almost over?

Network president Paul Lee told reporters Friday at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in Beverly Hills that he’s “optimistic” the six stars of the comedy smash will resolve the messy contract impasse that is threatening to derail the show’s fourth season.

“I expect the season to start on time,” said Lee. “We’re in the middle of negotiations at the moment. We’re hopeful and optimistic that we’ll be able to resolve it.”

Other highlights from ABC’s exec session at press tour…

ONE AND DONE? |  No decision has been made on a second season of ratings dud Duets. “Reality is hard because it’s more difficult to find the shock of the new,” Lee conceded. (Translation: It’s dead.)

SUMMERTIME BLUES | Lee has no plans to schedule summer hit Rookie Blue during the regular season. “Rookie Blue is such a great player for us,” he raved. “We have not made a decision to put it into the season.”

IT’S NOT A FOUR-LETTER WORD |Revenge has really made soaps cool again,” said Lee. “There’s nothing wrong with serialized dramas. [Soap] is not a bad word to me. I’m proud of it.”

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