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Glee's Lea Michele Talks About Finn's 'Persistent' New Rival: 'Rachel Is One Lucky Girl!'

Glee‘s Finn, currently away at Army boot camp, may well be at risk of getting booted out of Rachel’s love life if he doesn’t march back into the picture, double time!

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As previously reported, Fox’s musical comedy had added to the Season 4 mix South African-born Aussie Dean Geyer as Brody Weston, a heartthrob who will set his sights on Rachel, now a student at NYC’s NYADA.

“Rachel meets him at the school and they have a little moment and… it goes from there,” Geyer, who previously played Terra Nova security guard Mark Reynolds, tells TVLine.

Lea Michele tells me that while, in the scripts she has seen to date, things haven’t gotten hot ‘n’ heavy just yet between Rachel and school mate Brody, “He is definitely persistent!”

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Getting to delve into a complicated triangle — one in which the deck is quite stacked against Rachel’s almost-husband Finn, who is AWOL at boot camp — has Michele especially excited for the season ahead, which already will feature a split narrative that will toggle ‘tween Lima and the Big Apple.

“That always works on these shows, to bring the characters together, pull them apart,” Michele notes. She then adds with a big smile and in a sing-songy voice: “Rachel is one lucky girl, lemme tell you!”

While Michele touts Geyer as an “awesome” new scene partner, the Glee newbie — who (sorry, girls) will not be using his native accent as Brody — knows that he is stepping into a mine field when it comes to one passionate fan base.

“I’ve gotten a couple of tweets from Finn fans saying, ‘I hope you don’t come between Rachel and Finn,’ so I’m kind of stressing out,” he shares with a laugh. “There is obviously a massive fan base, so…. I don’t want to peeve any fans off. But you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.”

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