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Question: Any clue who will have replaced Brennan in the lab when Bones returns? —Georgia
Ausiello: Hint — the person is question is, like Brennan, a forensic anthropologist (which should narrow things down considerably). Bonus clue: His initials are C.E.

Question: I think by now everyone knows who Cam’s new/old love interest on Bones is. I am sure you have something not known and more exciting for us. Bonus points if it includes Booth and Brennan. —Cassidy
Ausiello: Actually, not everyone knows the identity of Cam’s new/old BF. “I don’t know who it is — they haven’t told me,” insists Cam’s portrayer, Tamara Taylor. “It could be anyone from the country boy, who I loved, to any of the squinterns, to any of the FBI guys we’ve seen before. I’ve racked my brain. I’m not sure who one it is.” One person Taylor is praying it isn’t? Rookie intern and the object of her daughter’s affection, Finn Abernathy. “That’s so inappropriate,” she protests. “That is mildly creepy. He’s so young.”

Question: Got anything juicy on Bones? —Elena
Ausiello: EP Stephen Nathan tells me the show is planning an episode that should warm Emily Deschanel’s animal rights-lovin’ heart. “It’s a story about smuggling endangered species into the states as pets,” he reveals. “In fact, what is horrifying is that there are more tigers as pets in Texas than there are in the wild. So we’re doing a story about animal smuggling that takes place in one of those pet expos.”

Question: Please tell me Ray Romano isn’t going to come between my favorite Parenthood couple, Sarah and Mark. —Amber
Ausiello: Well, he’s definitely going to cause a little friction. “Ray’s character is the opposite of Mark,” reveals exec producer Jason Katims. “Hank is acerbic and has a cynical attitude about life, and he develops a connection with Sarah. In a weird way, he’s kind of more right for her than somebody like Mark. He’s in a more similar stage of life as she is, so we wanted to watch as that dynamic develops — and not in a way that’s very soapy. We wanted to make it feel as real as possible. As she’s moving forward with Mark, an unanticipated connection begins to form with Hank.” Bonus scoop: Sarah and Hank meet when she gets a job working at his small commercial photography studio.

Question: Any Covert Affairs scoopage? —Susan
Auggie fans, rejoice! Chris Gorham reveals that he’s got some meaty stuff ahead. “In Episode 7, there’s a really nice moment between Auggie and his therapist where he tells a story, which was actually an idea of mine that I had pitched to the writers,” he shares. “It’s a really nice reveal about Auggie’s past. It’s a very revealing character moment.” Then things will get “very heavy for [Auggie in Episode 9],” says Gorham, an outing he calls “maybe the most emotional” episode to date for his character.

Question: Can you say whether your wedding blind item involves two main characters? — Melissa
Ausiello: One is a main character, the other is main-ish.

Question: My sixth sense is telling me that Kurt and Blaine are going to break up in the Glee premiere. What do you know? —Suzy
Ausiello: I know Darren Criss is looking forward to a little drama. “It’s weird when you’re in a relationship and someone graduates, or there are ‘locational’ shifts,” he says. “So I should hope that they deal with that obstacle like any couple has to. It’s good to have speed bumps, so it’ll be nice to have those this year. Chris [Colfer] and I are verging on ‘old married couple’ status, so it will be nice to shake it up a bit.”

Question: Can we get a ‘Wemma’ wedding update on Glee? —Sam
Ausiello: There’s still no date set, according to Matthew Morrison. “I’m hoping for a wedding this year, but I don’t know,” he says, before dropping this worrisome soundbite: “I think [Glee]’s core fan base is a lot younger, so they [decided] they want to focus on the teenagers [more].”

Question: Any details on Matthew and Lady Mary’s wedding on Downton Abbey? —Neil
Ausiello: You’re assuming there will be a wedding — something series creator Julian Fellowes stopped short of confirming when I spoke to him over the weekend at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in Beverly Hills. “They’re certainly engaged — that much I will say,” he said with a laugh. “But in Downton, the path of true love never did run smooth.” Yikes!

Question: Any Season 3 Downton Abbey scoop about my favorite TV spinster, Lady Edith? — Jeff
Ausiello: Good news! She may not be a spinster forever! “Edith has a tough time,” acknowledges Fellowes. But “she’s still very keen on [Sir Anthony] Strallan [and] hasn’t allowed his disability to put her off. So let’s hope that comes to some kind of fruition in Season 3.” Yes, let’s!

Question: How worried should we be about the Modern Family contract impasse/lawsuit? — Charlie
Ausiello: Not very. I predict a resolution by week’s end. In the meantime, as we count down to the start Season 4, allow me to reveal not one but two new and likely recurring characters: Pam is a fortyish, opinionated, plus-sized lesbian — in other words, a younger Rosie O’Donnell — and teenage Jorie is a new friend of Haley’s who, from the back, is a dead ringer for her mother. Cue Phil ogling the wrong blond in 10, 9, 8…

Question: Desperate for Modern Family spoilers. Help? — Jer
Ausiello: Sure thing, Jer. The show’s most hopeless romantic, Manny, is about to fall in love again. Explains exec producer Steven Levitan: “He and Luke go to a hotel together with Claire and Alex, [who] is in an academic decathlon, and… Manny meets a girl in the lobby… But then she sort of disappears after having mentioned she’s there for a Bar Mitzvah.” Needless to say, Manny isn’t about to let it — or her — go. Trouble is, Levitan goes on, “there are three or four different Bar Mitzvahs happening in the hotel, [hence the reason that] our episode that is subtitled ‘Bar Mitzvah Crashers.’”

Question: How did Homeland sleeper cell its way past my attention until last weekend? What’s upcoming in Season 2? — JB
Ausiello: Regarding your first question, I told you crack was wack, JB, you just wouldn’t listen. Regarding your second question, I’m sorry to say that the answer might just be jail time for Carrie. (Like electroshock therapy wasn’t enough!) The show is currently looking for a middle-aged actor to play the apparently horrific warden of Waynesburg Maximum Security Prison for Women. On the other hand, it’s also casting Rex Hemmings, an insanely rich and influential Vietnam war veteran who has his own hoity-toity Spelling Mansion. So maybe instead of doing time Carrie will be marrying money? Kidding.

Question: Do you have any scoop as to whether the mystery of Castle‘s dad will be solved this season? —Maegan
Ausiello: I don’t but Nathan Fillion may.

Question: I just watched all six seasons of Lost, which led me to the first season of Once Upon a Time. Needless to say, I was thrilled when you reported that Jorge Garcia was wanted for a part. Any news on who he’ll be playing? — Rebecca
Ausiello: No clue, but I can tell you producers have officially put out a casting call for Jack (of Beanstalk fame), who hails from a land that’s even scarier than the 6 train during rush hour and is described as being wholly decent but very secretive, indefatigably disarming but emotionally broken. And on top of it all, he’s sexy as hell.

Question: Any scoop on True Blood‘s season finale? —Soso
Ausiello: It features a “big body count,” confirms series creator Alan Ball. “Probably more than any other episode we’ve ever had. I’m not saying they’re bodies we know, although some of them are. There’s a lot of carnage.” Bonus scoop: The final frame of the season will feature one of these three characters: Sookie, Bill or Eric.

Question: I’m really worried that Amanda Peet being cast as Alicia’s new friend on The Good Wife will mean that Alicia will drift away from Kalinda. Can you reassure me? —Heather
Ausiello: I don’t think they can get further away from one another than they did last season. Besides, I have a hunch Kalinda will need Alicia more than ever this fall when you-know-who appears on the scene. Speaking of Peet, rumor has it she’s being groomed as a love interest for [spoiler]. Hit the comments with your best educated guess!

Question: Please hook me up with some Supernatural scoop! —Nick
Ausiello: We’ll meet Sam’s new squeeze in the Oct. 3 premiere, but it won’t be in the present day.

Question: How much time will have passed between seasons on Sons of Anarchy? —Tim
Ausiello: When Season 5 picks up on Sept. 11, about a month will have gone by. “Clay is out of the hospital [when we return], which is one of the reasons we kill a little bit of time,” explains series creator Kurt Sutter. “I didn’t want to play hospital scenes with Clay.” But don’t interpret that to mean SAMCRO’s dethroned leader has recovered. “I really wanted to acknowledge the physical and emotion wreckage that he’s brought on himself, so we will see him physically debilitated,” Sutter notes. “He took a bullet to the lung, so he’s moving slow and hurt. I think he’s dealing with the ramifications of his actions. He is broken, emotionally and physically. The loss of the club was devastating for him. And the greater devastation, at least in the first half of the season, is the loss of Gemma.”

Question: I am a huge fan of Nikita. The show is awesome. So excited Devon Sawa is a series regular now. Any scoop on what Owen will be up to in Season 3? —Alberto
“He’s in for a pretty big system shock [when he discovers that] Division is running — and that Nikita is still running it,” reveals showrunner Craig Silverstein. “He doesn’t think that’s a good idea, and around the time that happens, Nikita will also be wondering if it’s a good idea.”

Question: I really need spoilers about Happy Endings, in particular Dave and Alex. What’s gonna happen with them? —Marty
Ausiello: They’re going to spend much of the premiere attempting (unsuccessfully) to keep their relationship strictly casual. Meanwhile, Brad tricks Jane into thinking he’s chilling out at home during the day (when in reality he’s got a new job), and something hilariously horrible happens to Penny that lands her in a (pause for dramatic effect) upper-body cast.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Meg Masters and Vlada Gelman)

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