Modern Family Exclusive: Baby 'Fallout,' Claire's Jealousy, Cam's New [Spoiler] and More!

Modern Family Gloria's BabyWhat better way to celebrate Modern Family‘s major Emmy triumph (the ABC sitcom received 14 nominations Thursday morning) than with a slew of scoop? There isn’t one, which is why TVLine sought out the series’ brain trust Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd to discuss their plans for Season 4 — and oh baby, (literally) does it sound like the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker gang is in for some fun!

Here, the exec producers reveal how everyone — including Daddy Jay — will react to Gloria’s shocking preggo news, when we’ll meet the little tyke, how Haley’s college life will impact Sarah Hyland‘s time on the show and more.

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TVLINE | Where does Season 4 pick up? Any plans to super-size it or take it on the road like last year?
STEVEN LEVITAN | This year’s premiere is kind of picking up right where we left off, with Gloria’s announcement to the audience that she’s pregnant. And in our premiere, everyone else finds out. Everybody, as you can imagine, has big reactions to this news, and the whole episode is about that.
CHRISTOPHER LLOYD | The big arc this season is obviously Jay and Gloria having this baby. There’s a lot of preparation that comes with that and also a lot of fallout. Gloria, for example, is gaining weight but not wanting to change any of her outfits, which is funny. Jay is caught up dealing with some anxiety about being a dad again, when thought he was done with that 30 years ago. But also, Mitch and Cam worked really hard to try and get a baby last year, and now these other people — who weren’t really trying — did, and Claire, whose family is getting smaller because Haley’s gone off to college, is a little bit jealous of Gloria getting to be a mom again.

TVLINE | Will Gloria give birth this year? Or will her pregnancy sort of span the season?
LLOYD | No, we will see the baby probably about halfway through the season. We indicated she was pregnant last year, which was the end of May, and she was already a month or two along… So, you can do the math. [Laughs]

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TVLINE | Any non-baby events to look forward to this season?
LLOYD | Cameron gets a job this year to kind of fill his void a little bit. He becomes an elementary school teacher — or goes back to teaching, I should say, which will be fun. We have a great Halloween episode, too.

TVLINE | Will Sarah Hyland still be involved with the series full-time, now that Haley is going away to college?
LEVITAN | We have a way in mind of keeping Sarah involved… Once you’re part of this family, you’re always a part of this family. [Laughs]
LLOYD | She’s involved in virtually all episodes. She heads off to college, but it’s not that far away. She stays in touch, and she visits home; it’s kind of a typical first-year-in-college experience, in that she feels a little bit of loneliness and adjustment. She wants her family, but doesn’t want her family. So, it’s a nice change in her life that’s going on, but she’s far from removed from our family.

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