Revolution's Ragtag Survivors on a New World Order and Playing Against a Breaking Baddie

True Blood‘s fangsters and Grimm‘s assorted ghouls will look like harmless dragonflies once NBC’s Revolution premieres this fall, because the new drama contains one of the scariest concepts modern man has ever faced: a world without Apple products. The horror!

I talked to several members of the cast  — Giancarlo Esposito, Tracy Spiridakos, Billy Burke and JD Pardo — during Comic-Con, and they previewed what happens when (in the pilot’s first few minutes) all of the world’s power shuts off and doesn’t return… ever. Fifteen years after the event, people are still searching for connections, both electrical and emotional. Some even carry around blank iPads and iPhones — “Those devices are basically dead,” Esposito says — hoping that someday they’ll be able to charge them and see the faces of people they loved and lost.

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Speaking of Esposito, he’s got some big fans sitting on the sofa with him, thanks to his scary-good turn as Breaking Bad drug lord Gus. (For the record, he says his terror-inducing militia commander character Neville in Revolution  is “a lot more fun.”)

Press play on the video below to hear more about the upcoming fall drama and to find out how much of a road map the cast members got from executive producers J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke.