Glee @ Comic-Con: Who Will Be Back? Who's Promoted? Where's Kurt? Who's Not Married?

There was much Glee to be had in the Indigo Room at the Comic-Con on Saturday evening, as TVLine Editor-in-Chief Michael Ausiello led a panel discussion featuring series regulars Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Darren Criss, Naya Rivera, Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz, plus executive producers Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan and Dante Di Loreto.

Read on for highlights from the panel discussion.

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PERFECT HARMONY | Though some of New Directions peeled off in different directions at the close of Season 3, all of the series regulars will be returning for the new run — in some capacity. Plus, as rumored, Chord Overstreet is thisclose to finalizing a deal to become a series regular for Season 4. Lastly, Glee Project alums Samuel Larsen and Alex Newell are in talks to return.

TIME JUMP | As tradition with the show, about three months will have passed on screen when the new season picks up.

BRITNEY TRIBUTE | Falchuk confirmed that a second Britney Spears tribute will air this fall — specifically, in Episode 2. And yes, Heather Morris will be at the center of it.

RACHEL | The big city won’t be so kind to Rachel. “Now she’s starting fresh [with] the challenges of New York and being there alone,” previewed Falchuk. When the season picks up, it’ll be the start of the school year at NYADA, where dancing proves to be particularly problematic for Rachel. Enter Kate Hudson as her new teacher, who’s got a very different technique than Mr. Schuester. “[It’s] one based on negative reinforcement,” teased the EP. “Rachel has to get used to that.” For her part, Michele is “really excited to see her in a big city, interacting with new people.”

FINN | “He’s the real big question mark when [Season 4] starts,” shared EP Brennan. Added Falchuk, “He went off on this adventure [into the army] and nobody really knows what’s happened to him.” As for whether that means we’ll see Finn with a shaved head, Monteith said he’s “up for the challenge.”

KURT | It looks like Kurt is staying put – for now. Having been rejected by his dream school, he’s still in Lima, unsure of what he wants to do, when the season picks up. But with Rachel in New York, it can’t be too long before he finds his way to the Big Apple, right? “Those two are best friends,” replied Falchuk, tellingly. “It would be hard to keep them apart.”

SANTANA | Although her mom gave her the OK – and the money – to go to New York, Falchuk revealed that Santana will be at University of Louisville on her cheerleading scholarship. As for what advice a more mature Season 3 Santana would give her Season 1 character, Rivera had these words of wisdom: “Stay away from Finn!”

ARTIE | McHale would like to see Katey Sagal and Harry Connick, Jr. play his TV parents.

PUCK | Is the bad boy’s little brother coming to Glee? “I’ve heard that rumor too…,” Falchuk answered with a smile.

MCKINLEY HIGH | Now that they’ve lost their graduating choir members, New Directions will be “underdogs again,” shared Brennan. “That room is half empty. They’re desperately trying to get 12 kids again for sectionals.” Meanwhile, their leader, Mr. Schue, is living the good life with Emma though they’ve yet to tie the knot. “I don’t think they’re going to get married right away,” said Falchuk. “But they’re definitely engaged and very much in love and living together and doing dirty things.”

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