Bones @ Comic-Con: Scoop on Booth's Anger, Washing-Machine Sex and a 'Darker' Season 8

Bones‘ dramatic Season 7 finale will cast a dark shadow when the Fox drama returns, executive producer Stephan Nathan and stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz shared at the show’s Comic-Con panel. Not only will Pelant continue to terrorize the team, but several relationships will be tested. Boreanaz also cleared up his job status.

Read on for highlights from the discussion:

RUNNING GAME | When the show returns, Brennan will have been gone for quite some time. “She’s depending upon her father [played by Ryan O’Neal, who’ll be in the season premiere] to give her the same life she hated,” teased Nathan. “They’ve been hiding and running for three months.” As for where exactly they’ve been, that’s “a big reveal.” Meanwhile, the team back home is “trying to find a way to get her back, to clear her. Everyone’s patience is growing very, very thin.”

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BOOTH GETS MAD | The FBI agent won’t take too kindly to being left behind by Brennan. “It’ll be difficult for him,” previewed Boreanaz. “He is now being thrust into a position where he’s going to have to deal with the bureau asking him questions.” Added Nathan: “Booth can’t take it anymore. He’s angry enough that he’s not going to be a good boy.” The actor believes Booth will go after his better half on his own, and although they’ll eventually work it out, “she’s going to pay,” he said with a laugh.

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE? | “It’s the, ‘Is love enough?’ season,” explained Nathan, who added that the theme will be about, “Can we put the pieces back together again?” And that applies not just to Booth and Brennan, but also Hodgins and Angela, Daisy and Sweets, and Cam – who gets a “very surprising” new love interest (someone viewers know!) — and her daughter.

DARK TURNS | Pelant will continue to cast a cloud over the Jeffersonian team throughout Season 8. “It’s going to be little darker this season,” teased Nathan, adding, “We’ll see him in the first episode. He’ll come back in ways we don’t expect.”

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THE SHOW WILL GO ON | Was Boreanaz serious with his Tweets about being a free agent after next season? “We’re not going anywhere,” he said. “I want the show to continue as long as it can continue.”

CUTTING ROOM FLOOR | What did Boreanaz and Deschanel think of the producers’ decision not to show the long-awaited, eagerly anticipated love scene between their characters? “Less is more. How much do you really want to see?” said Boreanaz, joking, “I wanted to put you up on the washing machine and just go at it. Honestly, I think it was done correctly.” But what about some flashbacks to the pivotal moment? “There may be flash-forwards,” offered up Deschanel. “There’s more Bones babies to be made.”

WHOA, MAMA! | Will we meet Booth’s mother this season? “We will be investigating Booth’s family a little,” hinted Nathan.

HITTING THE DANCE FLOOR | Both stars picked Buck and Wanda as their favorite undercover characters. We sense the need for a revival. “We have a couple planned,” Nathan told his actors. “You might be ballroom dancing.”

STAYING GROUNDED | One more reason to hate the poor economy: Thanks to budget difficulties, no more episodes shot on location — a la the London trip — are in the works.

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