Big Bang Theory @ Comic-Con: New Romance, Unsolved Mystery and An Out-of-This-World Treat

CBS’ The Big Bang Theory made quite a bang at the close of its Friday panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, awarding one of the fans who asked the cast a question a bona fide trip into space.

Initially, the out-of-this-world offer was made by astronaut Richard Searfoss to cast member Simon Helberg, who plays unlikely space case Howard “Froot Lops” Wolowitz, but he amusingly begged off. “Altitudes give me a lot of gas,” he explained. “Plus I’m just a picky eater, the dehydrated food thing….”

Instead, Helberg raffled off the trip — aboard the Link Suborbital Space Plane — to one of the attendees.

Other scooplets shared during the panel discussion, which featured Jim Parsons beamed in via satellite and was sans Johnny Galecki (whose flight didn’t arrive in time):

RAJ ROMANCE | “We have a romance planed for Raj,” series boss Chuck Lorre announced. “Wait ’til you see it.” Kunal Nayyar, however, isn’t too concerned about his alter-ego finding love. “It’s gonna be OK,” he joked. “After falling in love with [his iPhone’s] Siri, I don’t know how far down that rope he can go.”

OF GEEKS AND MENNNNNNN | Might one of CBS’ Two and a Half Men appear on BBT, now that the hitcoms are Thursday-night neighbors? There’s nothing to confirm just yet, but Lorre does think “it would be great to have one of the gang tutor Jake, because he’s such a knucklehead.”

WHAT’S IN A NAME? | Will we ever learn Penny’s last name? “At this point, we’re a little superstitious about it,” Lorre confessed. As for unveiling it in the series-ending episode, he laughed: “Worst. Series. Finale. Reveal — ‘Penny Jones.'”

SPOCKTACULAR | Months later, the gang is still gushing about working with Leonard Nimoy. “I shared a bathroom with him, so… just sayin’,” Melissa Rauch joked. And apparently all professionalism went out the door in Spock’s presence — at least for one EP. “I can tell you that Bill Prady lost his mind,” producer Steven Molaro shared.

The Big Bang Theory kicks off its sixth season on Thursday, Sept. 27 at 8/7c, now leading into Two and a Half Men.

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